How creation, sums up that God created the

How was the earth created? The world has wondered about this question for the longest time. Plenty of people have different answers or views on this question. One of them being that God created the earth, and the other being that it was created through this process called evolution; some even think that the earth was created through some other religious gods, but that’s besides the point. Although the theory of evolution does directly correlate with the theory of creation, or at least most people may think it does. The theory of creation, sums up that God created the earth and it didn’t just come up out of nowhere; which is basically what the theory of evolution suggests.  The theory of creation basically provides a more reasonable explanation than the theory of evolution, to how the earth got started, and how we all got here. There are many parts as to why creationist think the way they do; why they believe God created the earth, such as the 24 hour time periods, having the bible as our source of “evidence”, how we came about, or even the monkey theory.First of all, some have argued that the theory of creation does not make sense, due to the fact that it makes it seems as if  God had created the earth and everything on it in seven days. In the bible it clearly states that he did not spontaneously create life on earth, but he says “let the earth bring forth…” (Genesis 1:24), indicating that it took time for everything to appear on earth, it didn’t just come out of the blue. Going along with the concept of the seven days, in the bible it never states that one day consisted of 24 hours each day, it just says what God had created each of those seven days. ” ‘let us make man in our image, after our likeness…And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.’ “( Genesis,1:26-31) as one can see it never says that the day was 24 hour long, it just say there was evening and there was morning, nothing about how long the day was, or even how long it took God to create man. Since it does not straight out say that the day was x amount long, then it is only fair to assume that those days could have been longer than 24  hours, they could have been hundreds or even thousands of years long. It does seem  like quite a far reach, because then how would someone explain our 24 hour days now, and they do have a good point. So what I think happened is God could have made those creation days longer since he knew that it was going to take a while, then once he created men, he could have adjust the days to 24 hours time period, to make it more bearable to sustain a human life span. It would make sense that he would have to change the length of the day, because if he kept them long, then humans would not be able to live their lives like God probably wanted them too. Imagine how odd it would be to live for hundreds or even thousands of years. In addition, creationist, argue that we have the Bible, as our “evidence” to support our idea of creation, while evolutionist have only theories to go off of. It seems that evolutionist have somewhat of a disadvantage, because there is no one that lived that long enough ago, that is still alive today and can tell them everything that has happened since then, like if there were actually dinosaurs or if there was really a meteor that hit the earth to wipe them all out, like evolutionist claim there was thousands of years ago. Really, evolution is unscientific because it is not testable, it make claims about events that were not observed and can never be re-created. Whilst creationist have the bible, even though lots of people might not agree with what is written in  it, it is still better than assuming something happened and going off of what people think happened thousands and thousands of years ago. As I said before although people might not believe in the bible it is still a reasonable piece of evidence to prove the theory of creation over the theory of evolution. For example in the bible it states that God created different kinds of animals, and like evolutionist, creationist also believe in natural selection, therefore those different kinds of animals could have been naturally selected. In other words, the animals that could not adapt to the environment died off and the ones that did survived and prospered. Others might say that God created different kinds of animals and plants, so each plant could reproduce their own kind. Having some sort of evidence to back up ones assumptions is better than having no evidence at all.Similarly, there has been the questioning of how we even came to exist on this world. Evolution cannot begin to explain how life first appeared on the earth. Someone had to have put us here, or the world would still be ruled by the animals and the plants. The only way I could think of that we even exist in this world is, God. he created us to rule over the animals and plants. It would be difficult to explain how we could have possibly appeared any other way.In fact, there has also been questioning of how monkeys still exist. I mean, if we evolved from monkeys, then why do they still exist? Shouldn’t they have turned into humans by now? Oh yeah, that’s right that is because we did not evolve from monkeys. We may have acquired some similar traits that monkeys have, but we didn’t evolve straight from a monkey. So we did not come from a monkey, but we are still sort of in a way related to them. Most evolutionist do say that one tends to misunderstand them when they say that we evolved from monkeys, they don’t mean directly, they mean to say that we are closely connected to their ancestors. Another possible piece of evidence that God created us and that we did not evolve from a monkey, because in the bible it clearly states that the animals and man were created in the same day, but separately. In the end,  it all depends on how one personally interprets everything that contributed to the creation of the earth. Obviously if one believes in God, then they are going to view everything with him in mind, and believe anything that connects to him. I guess we’ll never truly know whether the earth and we were created through God or through evolution. In this case there is no right or wrong answer it is solely based on what you believe to be true; if you believe in God or not. If you believe in God, then you will believe that he created you and this beautiful paradise for us to live on.


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