How was in fourth grade playing I suffered

How many of you played sports at some time in your life? How many of you
played though being injured? Well, as athletes, we all know that injuries are a
part of the game and we can never avoid them entirely. When I was in fourth
grade playing I suffered my first injury when me and another kids helmet
collided causing me temporarily lose consciousness. When I woke up from it I
didn’t even realized what happened until I got home and my mom told me I had
really dilated eyes. I tried to talk but the words wouldn’t come out no matter
how hard I tried to speak.                                                                                                                                                       Concussions are
traumatic brain injuries that cause damage to the brain functions. Some major
affects to show someone is concussed are loss of memory/information, reflex,
balance, vision, or even coordination. These damages are very important because
as an athlete you being healthy and at the best shape possible is extremely
needed but playing through concussions can cause these temporary problems into permanent
damages that stay with you for the rest of your life. That meaning even outside
of sports you’ll be feeling the effects in class, work hanging out with friends
and the list goes on. From personal experience I’ve had a handful of these
collisions while playing football and because of that I have post-concussion
syndrome. These are migraine or tension headaches that can come any time after
suffering from a traumatic brain injury and last for a couple days or more and
they can become so painful that they can become sensitive to light.                       As
athletes, coaches, trainers, and teammates I believe we have to do a better job
in keep aware of how we perform in a safer yet competitive nature but also, be
cognizant in how to not over achieve. We want to avoid hurting ourselves and
each other and to do that we need to learn the difference in what is pain and
what is a suffering because there’s a huge difference. Pain is temporary but
suffering can cause pain lasting forever.


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