Human Rights

Primary Source

In the movie Escape from Sobibor, the theme of violation of human rights has clearly been displayed. The movie was about a German Death camp which aimed at killing as many Jews as possible and as quick as possible.

These camps were created during the Second World War following the Wanssee Conference of 1942. Six death camps were created by the German Nazi government in eastern Poland which acted as concentration camps for Jews who eventually would be killed. Before being killed, the captives would provide cheap labor as a form of punishment while they were in the camps under the supervision of Nazi guards.

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Sobibor was among the camps which were established and hosted around 600 captives. The captives were engaged in hard work the whole day under very poor conditions of working. In the end all of them would be killed either in the ovens or gas chambers. These camps thus violated all human rights which were known to man.

Due to the violation of their rights, the captives planned an escape. The escape was not going to be easy since it had to include all the captives. This is because in the event of an escape, the guard would kill an equal number of captives who remained at the camp (Stebbins 2011).

This therefore meant that the Jews had to kill the Nazi guards, an act which will make them not to be any different from their capturers. The escape was planned and almost all captives escaped. However, more than half were arrested and eventually killed. As a result of the escape, the Nazi Authorities were made to shutdown the camp and planted trees

Secondary Sources

The Second World War was a period during which a lot of violations of the human rights were committed. The German Nazi government persecuted and killed a large number of Jews. By the end of the war, around one quarter of a million Jews were killed by the Nazi government (Hughes 2011).

The Nazi government had concentration camps which were centers to punish Jews. However, there were also extermination camps whose main aim was to kill Jews either in the oven or in extermination chambers. A few Jews were however spared the death sentence and remained in the camps to work while watching their fellow countrymen being killed. This acted as a form of mental torture.

Escape from Sobibor is a movie which reflected the lives of Jews at Sobibor, one of the German concentration camps. In this particular camp, Jews had no rights and worked under direct orders of Nazi guards.

Pushed to the limit because of violations of their rights and freedom, the Jews decided to retaliate against the administration and planned an escape. To them this was their only chance because they would eventually get killed while they were in the camp. In the event around eleven German officers were killed and a significant number of guards.

Around 300 captives escaped although around only 60 of them managed to escape successfully (Richard et al 296). Most of the prisoners were arrested and killed. This movie showed that people can go to any extent to fight for their rights, even if lives might be lost during the event. Such events have enlightened a lot of people to fight for their rights once they feel that they have been violated. In some instances violence has been used as a means to earn rights just like in the movie Escape from Sobibor.

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