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I have never truly understood the concept of money.To me, I just sawit as mere objects that look like copper, paper and silver. Yet still,these objects are a focal part of life to which many of us wish toattain. I have also experienced this lust before, as at the age offourteen I decided to set up my own small business to enter acompetition which is run by Young Enterprise called the TennerChallenge.The goal of the competition was to set up a small business with a loanof ten pounds and with that, I decided to sell sandwhiches and burgersat my school. The business was a success and I was able to generatesales of one hundred and fifteen pounds in the space of four weeks .Imanaged to beat twenty-one thousand other contentants in order to winthe most inspiring individual category. Despite learning the abilityto be confident, focused and persistent I still didn’t understand whathow a money actually operates. Thus, I decided to study A-leveleconomics.One of the things that I have learned from studying economics is thateconomics allows you to ask the big questions  that exist in life. Asa result, I have based my EPQ on whether houses prices will ever beaffordable in london ,for this is one of the questions that I thinkthat people in my generation often question themselves. Sinceresearching this topic I have learned the extent of  how broken thecurrent state of the housing market is. This for me exemplifies whyeconomics is so unique. Economics allows someone to go straight to thebone of the question and have the ability to still provide an answer.I for one enjoy this sort of format.One book that has intrigued me greatly is Nudge by R.Thaler andC.Sunstein which revolves around a relatively new field of economicscalled behaviorial economics. The book cased many instances of  peoplebeing able to alter people’s behavior in a predictable way withoutchanging their economic incentives at all. Not only was this aninteresting notion, but the authors stipulated whether it wasethically correct to ‘nudge’ someone for better or worst without theirprior knowledge that they have been influenced in the first place.This book also showed me that economics doesn’t simply consist offacts and figures but also, encompasses many other factors whetherthis be political,social , ethical or even geographical. As a resultof this, it would be  no suprise that economics is constantly evolvingwhich is one reason I would like to learn about this subject further.While also believing in that education is one of the greatest things ahuman can  obtain in life, I do also like to challenge myself and trynew things in other areas besides academia. For example, I decided todo NCS in order force myself to see how I would react in a completelynew environment.  I wanted to experience how it was to operate a smallfirm and ended up winning a Young Enterprise award and a Jack Petchey.I have also  been learning to play guitar as I have always aspired tolearn an instrument. I also decided to volunteer at Oxfam for a fewmonths simply because I wanted to make a difference even if it wasminiscule. For me , I like challenges and I know studying economics ata degree will be challenge but this is definitely something I wouldlike to embark on.
Economics is a subject that is consantly shifting through time and asa result, the daily lives of humans are affected alone but everythingaround us. Economics has the the power to shape the past, present andfuture and that future is what I would like to be apart of of byenhancing my understanding of the world of economics. For many,economics simply teaches how the economy operates or how demand andsupply can explain the stock market but for me, it is more than that.For me  economics is about life and most importantly, about people.


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