I respectively among all students. My accomplishments in

 I am writing to apply for a scholarship to
study Software Engineering at Master`s level.

 Before mentioning my purposes of the
application, I would like to give a brief information about my educational and
professional background.

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“Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” one of the
best proverbs I follow to achieve my goals and ambitions, starting from my
early teenage.

Throughout my
school years, I had been trying to identify a career field that would attract
me the most as a lifetime profession. It
was quite difficult to complete studying
in the village school because of the lack of equipment and resources. Yet I succeeded and graduated from high school with
an average of 96.2 percent. Moreover,
I uncovered my potential in logical thinking, analyzing and decision making by
getting distinctions in Olympiads in Mathematics field. At National Olympiads
of Azerbaijan in 2008, 2009 and 2010 I took the second, third and fourth place
respectively among all students.  My
accomplishments in Mathematics and high marks on IT classes motivated me to
turn my career to Computer Engineering. Having thought thoroughly, I took an
exam and entered BS in Computer Engineering at Azerbaijan State Oil Academy by
achieving 562 out of 700 points in the entrance exam.

 By entering Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, I
had a chance to gain competitive knowledge in one of the prestigious
universities in the Caucasus and
continuously develop myself by taking online courses from different
organizations. Another
step to take was improving my skills to raise my opportunities. I started to
take intensive lessons in English since
most universities over the world require a certain level of English proficiency
for postgraduate programs. Additionally,
during my bachelor study, I was hired for IT internship following by part-time
job at Albax TV, and I had three precious years there. Just after finishing my
bachelor education I was admitted to Qafqaz University for studying MBA by
achieving 122 out of 150 points in the entrance exam, as I wanted to be a
computer professional with a good understanding of Business issues. My
excellent academic results, work experience in that field and a good knowledge
of business helped me in the hard application process at British Petroleum (BP)
and eventually, one of the giant petroleum companies hired me to IT Support
Engineer position.


At BP, I had six valuable
months by implementing local and international tasks given by top managers of
the Global organization. Just after few months of working at BP, I was promoted
to play a major role in the implementing international project of BP named
“myITbar” in Azerbaijan branch. This project was created to provide desktop
help for the employees of BP around the world. As a result of user scoring, BP
Azerbaijan has been selected the best branch of BP among all offices in the
implementation of the “myITbar”. That was the honor of our team and me. Our
result at BP branch was the primary determinant for my invitation to SOCAR Polymer,
which SOCAR is again one of the leading brands in the petroleum, selected me as

After these valuable years, I decided to take the second step for my future career. However after the devaluation of our money financial situation in
Azerbaijan is not pleasurable and I do not earn much to pay for my education.
On the other hand my main ambition is to
contribute my country by having higher education
with exact practice sides and getting experience. Afterwards, to return back
and make a model here in order to give better opportunities for the next
generations in this sector. I would like to innovate to open new working places
for the youth and to pursue my career in further IT studies. There are many
smart people interested in IT who can not seek employment in the country and
thus, have to leave.

That’s why my primary future aim is to eliminate
this trend and to stop the “brain drain”. Due to these factors, I was searching for convenient
universities that offer the best opportunities and fit best for my needs. Through the search, I came across
the announcement of Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, which seemed to be the outlet
I was looking for.

Reading about all scholars, EMSE scholarship was
the best choice for me because of the scholarships it offers and my knowledge
of IT. Through further search, I found that universities which included program
have a very good rank in the world ranking
of universities in the major of IcT. All
these reasons together made EMSE my number one priority among scholarship

I want to study at EMSE program universities
because of its outstanding educational system, focus on gathering relevant work
experience, and its excellent facilities. So I am confident of my decision.
With many distinguished scientists as professors, I know that I will gain
expert knowledge at the forefront of discovery. Further supporting professors’
lectures are the university’s use of advanced. All these strong positives allow
me to pursue my dreams and ambitions.

Given my past history of commitment to achieve
my dream, I am confident that I will exceed the expectations, because of both
my academic and interpersonal skills. I will enrich the program by enabling
fellow students and professors to benefit from my ambitious and open nature.
Furthermore, my international background will add more diversity to your

I would be glad to be chosen to study EMSE with the support of Erasmus program
to gain a substantial degree. I hope the admission committee will assess my
abilities and skills and approve of my tendency to participate in next studies.
Thank you for considering my application to EMSE program.


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