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If, I had to choose a theoretical orientation today it would be cognitive-behavioural. I believe this to be my theoretical orientation because I do believe that people learn from their social surroundings, with that being said punishment and reward systems can shape a person’s behaviour. I also believe that a person personality is shaped by experience, for example if a child watches their parents be rude and never treat anyone with respect their whole life that child will assume that’s the appropriate way to act and eventually treat people the same way their parents did. Another example would be if you never see your parents cry in an emotional time you too will learn to hide your emotions. I believe in seeking change in a person’s thinking by educating them. I enjoy this technique because it uses diverse techniques for example the therapy used for someone who has social anxiety will be different for someone who suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. I am confident that this is my theoretical orientation because while being in placement this seem to be theory I lean more towards While I do believe that right now my theoretical orientation is cognitive- behavioural, the more I work in the field it may change. My faulty and supervisors have had a big influence of my theoretical orientation because for me I could probably learn about the theoretical orientations is class all day but still walk out not having a full understanding on what it is or which one I think works or is best for me, with that being said I learn by experience and being at placement I got that experience. I observed my supervisors use a wide range of techniques such as the humanistic approach or cognitive- behavioural. I tried the different techniques until I found one that I felt worked for me. My placement supervisors had an influence in my theoretical orientations because they introduced me to the theoretical orientations by showing me how I learn best; through experience. As I said before I am confident that this will most likely stay my approach but the more I do work in the field I am sure I will be introduced to more approaches I was not aware of and potentially change my approach


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