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The article reveals how federal officials condemned the new decrees that were initiated by the education officials.

This forced the students to unveil their immigration status in order to enroll for examination. This is ethically detrimental since it exemplifies ethnic bigotry. Civil advocates are equally against the ideology that students ought to produce their immigration papers as a gratuity for enrollment. The Federal government is against this, as it will contravene its set laws of equivalent edification chances (Semple, 2011). A memo has been provided from the state’s Education Department to the school districts warning them against demanding such information. Despite this, some institutions persist thus raising the alarm. The elements noticeable in this particular article are detrimental legislations that deter students’ enrollment hence reducing the value of the learning process.

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The article vividly elucidates the proportion of graduates joining the job market yet they find nothing meaningful to accomplish.

Additionally, the readily available jobs can hardy provide enough income to escalate appropriate living. It exemplifies struggle from school until such persons enter the job market. Some graduates end up doing jobs, which departs from their earlier studies (Rampell, 2011). The proportions of persons who have received employment are far less than the proportion searching for work. An element of corruption in the job sector for the educated is also evident. Individuals who have not performed better find themselves in better jobs due to the people they happen to know rather than what they have for the job.

Ethically, this is demoralizing especially to those who are still pursuing their education. It is also a lesson for that the graduates should be creative enough to come up with their own jobs rather than waiting endlessly to be employed. Thematically, corruption is inappropriate as it robs the honest people the opportunities they deserve.

Class Size

The article condemns the judgment of teachers’ performance based on the students’ results but neglecting the proportion of students, the teacher handles.

It is elucidated that the bigger the class, the higher the chances of disturbances and interruptions which can negatively affect the quality time spent by the teacher on handling the students (Haimson, 2011). The problem is more noticeable in low class regions where teachers have to handle several students on a single occasion. The test score used cannot depict a clear picture of the most formidable instructor. This is evident by the fact the learning conditions are never the same and some teacher struggle with larger number of students. Evaluation should note the class size and time spent by the instructor.

The theme created by the article is ethically correct since it shows the importance of size in infusing appropriate learning.


The article elucidates how students in South Hadley were arraigned in court over felony charges. The victim went ahead to hang herself due to unbearable stress. Concurrently, the students pleaded guilty and faced court charges encompassing a potential sentence of a decade, and a community work. The article further depicts how bullying is rampant in most schools and how it culminates many tormenting problems. Morally, harassment among students is unhealthy and affects other students’ social and academic life. It violates the good elements of social life and makes other students’ lives unbearable (Eckholm, 2011). This vice can even culminate into school dropout among other students.

Some can opt for death as witnessed. The problem not only affects victim but also the culprit. Mental torture and other court charges interfere with the schooling schedules. Biblically, the act is condemned and bears nothing better.

School expansion

The write up narrates a bout Mr.

Thompsons happiness on how his former school, “Community Roots Charter School” in Brooklyn, is performing exemplarily in terms of expansion and learning progress. The school is not how he left it years back thus proposing it for his son. The institution is ready to add middle school grades, which evident its commitment to grow and offer more services and opportunities for the community. The issue of coexistence among schools to enhance their admission capacity is also unveiled although some elements of racial discrimination appear to meet criticism. It is good to have more schools expanding their facilities to offer better services to students. The vice of discrimination ought to be eliminated with the intention of enhancing equal opportunities.

This escalates the erudition capacities.


The increased use of “smart drugs” amid university learners has become a national concern. Such medication is usually addresses attention deficit disorder but is now abused by students who utilize them during assignments or exams (Science Daily, 2011). Though nicknamed ‘smart drug’, it never elevates a person’s intelligence but only makes one more focused.

Specialists say that the medications are constantly under prescription for a purpose. The negative effects of consuming such drugs incorporate unfavorable wellbeing effects or perhaps bereavement (Science Daily, 2011). Drugs pose significant ethical concerns since they affect the ability of an individual to amass necessary information.


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