In difference between neo-liberals lies in the fact

In the 1980s, a school of neoliberalism
or structural liberalism emerged that continues classical liberalism, but takes
into account the new realities of the world political process: complex of
interdependence, developing interstate cooperation, integration, the creation
of a global community. Neoliberalism pays special attention to the
interconnection of politics and the economy. Due to the interdependence of
states, the opportunities for their cooperation through international
organizations should increase, and the influence of anarchy on the
international environment should be weaken. Within the framework of neo-liberalism, several trends and
concepts have emerged, which are sometimes viewed as independent concept schools.

Among them is, the concept of complex interdependence. According to the theory
of interdependence, all political actors have a greater or lesser impact in
international politics. They are interested not only in economic cooperation,
but also in uniting efforts to solve common, global problems, for example,
environmental protection, arms limitation, non-proliferation of nuclear
weapons, etc. The situation of any country depends on its relations with other
states and on the international system in whole. Due to the growing
interdependence of different countries, the delimitation of the state’s
domestic and foreign policy becomes more and more relative: not only does
foreign policy depend on the internal, but also internal from the external, and
increasingly. The multilateral dependence of states makes the conflict resolution
of power unprofitable, while cooperation is to create conditions for peace and
prosperity, the trans nationalists assert.1
The difference between neo-liberals lies in the fact that, they do not only
strengthen this position, but also make it the starting point for a new,
understanding of security. The post-Cold War opportunities for communication,
the spread of democracy, new scientific achievements are accompanied by
increased threats due to the loss of the former and the absence of new levers
for regulating the world order. Disorder and disasters, poverty of a huge mass
of people, ethnic conflicts, environmental degradation all this and much more,
in their opinion, forms the beginning of “future anarchy”, requires
an immediate response from the world community and highlights the problem of
creating a new security system. The concept of cooperative security is most
suitable for solving problems facing the world community, in the opinion of

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