In generation cloud gaming services. In summary, they

In a survey on Cloud Gaming :
Future of Computer Games published on IEEE Access Vol 4  ; Cloud
gaming was found as a method to provide supreme-quality gaming experience to
gamers anytime, anywhere. In this paper, they surveyed on aspects such as spanning
on cloud games, optimizing techniques and commercial cloud gaming services and
decisions taken by the service providers in relation to designing the software.
Cloud gaming provides gamers with high qulity games on softwares run on high
speed data centres.

In the research they divided cloud gaming
into four divisions, namely : (i) overview, (ii) platform, (iii) optimization,
and (iv) commercialization. In Section I (overview), they researched
on general and special cloud games. In Section II(platform), they presented
papers on cloud games which had quantitative tracking measures. In Section
III(optimization), they researched in two directions: (i) cloud server
infrastructure, and distributed architecture, and (ii) communications. In Section
IV (commercialization), it was a brief history of cloud gaming services
and design introduced by commercial cloud gaming services.

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The only source to earn profits in cloud gaming, which is a highly capital
invested industry, is to optimize the services. Another key to earn profits is
through innovation. Much of the innovation lies in creating new programming
paradigms to support the unique needs of these complex systems. Current cloud
gaming service providers rely on traditionally programmed games only to support
cloud gaming.  But, future cloud gaming programing
paradigms will help facilitate both better user experience and resource
utilization. This will allow more innovative, yet demanding ideas to be
implemented, which in turn results in building the next generation cloud gaming

In summary, they concluded that with the advancement and growth in
technology, cloud gaming has become a reality and made it highly profitable
with optimized services; and henceforth, they believe that the world is leading
towards a new era of gaming and that the industry is leaning towards the next
generation of gaming services. 


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