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India is a land of diverse cultures, traditions, and values. I have been raised in a very supportive family who have let me choose apath I love and encouraged me to take up my own decisions with respect to educationand career. I have had an attraction towards architecture since I was veryyoung. I used to design buildings as a hobby in childhood which motivated me towardstaking up engineering and architecture as my majors. To pursue this interestfurther, I took up Engineering Graphicsas my core subject during high school.  Thisinterest motivated me to accomplish good grades in high school and channeled me to pursue architecture as my specialization.

For this purpose, I joinedBachelors in Architecture in a very reputed university in India – Anna University, Chennai. My first two years in college werefocussed on understanding the basicfundamentals of Architecture. During my 8th semester, I got anopportunity to do an internship and work on a large-scale holiday retreat outsidethe city which comprised of a golf course and a vast landscape. This experiencehelped me realize my passion towards architecture. On the completion of the internship, Iparticipated in a competition organized by The Chennai Water Forum called ‘Embrace the Rivers’ where we had toprovide design solutions for a lake which is being polluted and had lost itsconnection with the society. My team – myself and two other members came upwith a design solution for the landscape surrounding the lake which attractspeople to interact with the lake, revive and admire it. Even though we did notwin this competition, we got shortlisted for the finals of the competition andthis journey helped me learn more details about the subject.

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In my final year – I had to submit athesis; ‘Dance in Form, Space, Functionand time’. Dance has been a part of me for the past 7 years, and I believedI can combine both my passions to bring out something very fresh and creative.As a part of my thesis, I transformed static boring spaces into somethingunique and interesting in order tomotivate people to use the space for activities such as Dance.

I would like to strengthen my knowledge in the field of Architecture as it is very exciting anda challenging Profession where I can play a vital role in a fast-pacedenvironment. Five years in one of the top universities in India has enhanced mythirst for knowledge, an additional six months of professional exposure made merealize that I have to seek more guidance in Architecture. An Associate Professorand Associate Director of Graduate Programs ofAzrieli School of Architecture andUrbanism who caught my interest on hiscurrent research which is focused on ideas ofresiliency and adaptive infrastructures and landscapes through the intersectionof architecture, landscape, and cultural geographies, is Ozayr Saloojee. The Collectivelandscape has emerged as a social necessity only in the present century.My love for Danceencouraged me not just to dance but also collaborate Dance and Architecture.

  Being an artist, Associate Professor Co-Chair of the Ph.D.and MAS Program Federica Goffi’s unique work explorations on the relationshipbetween music and architecture; researching material imagination andarchitectural representation impressed me.  It would be an honorto be a part of this course and work withsuch reputed professors.Architecture is generally undertaken in isolationfrom other parts of the wider industry, this makes it more difficult forarchitects to perceive their role as part of the construction industry, withmany preferring to emphasize their placein the wider creative sector. The future of this profession depends on one’s skill and ability to design unique,executing these, one finds themselves working in the often more innovativefringes of practice developing new services in related areas and opening up newmarkets.Carleton University offers a perfect inter-disciplinary ecosystem to harness andnurture my skills.

Since the university has an international exposure, thisgives me the opportunity to interact and socialize with people from all aroundthe world, transcending culture, language, andideas. I wouldlove to execute the knowledge I gain from this university in my country and forgea better future by broadening my artistic and design capabilities.  


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