Intergovernmentalism as a Mode of Union GovernancePresses Interuniversitaires Europennes- the general reader who is interested in current European development and its history as described in memoirs by and biographies of the people who made it, and- the specialized reader, students, professors, teachers, researchers, and business executives, dealing with European issues through intellectual or professional pursuits.We publish general books, essays, biographies, memoirs, narratives, and results from research projects and conferences. They are grouped in collections each of which has an institutional origin (Community institutions and politics, Bruges Conferences, social politics, Encounters, etc.) or discuss the construction of Europe from a different vantage point (philosophical and political, environmental, historical, etc.).

Each of these series has its proper editorial policy under the responsibility of a director. We publish books from independent authors as well as collective works and results from research centers. A list of the research centers which are spread throughout Europe, can be found in our catalogue. We publish books primarily written in English and French with occasional publications in German, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian. Some works have been translated into several languages.

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(The choice of language is normally decided by the author.)63 rue des Cottages, B – 1180 BruxellesContact : Catherine CLOSSON – Responsable ditorialeBibliography:Intergovernmentalism as a Mode of Union Governance


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