Internet Tools for Dirt Bikes


In the contemporary business world, technology is imperative for business operations. With the alarming speed of globalization, a business has to advance its technology for survival in the market. Other than infrastructure, the internet is a key component of technology.

The level of the technology that a company has impacts the profitability and the going concern of the business. In most business, spending on technology (both capital and operating expenses) takes a large proportion of the expenses reported in the statement of income and expenditure.

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Therefore, this necessitates a company to do a cost-benefit analysis of such expenses. Conventionally, the benefits should surpass costs. Besides, a company should ensure that it fully utilizes the resources available in order to improve efficiency. Expenses related to the internal and external communication of the organization should be reviewed from time to time in order to establish if benefits outweigh the costs incurred, or if the technology is not obsolete at the end of payback period of such investment.

Management of Dirt Bikes, a company trading in motorcycles of different types, is concerned with the amount of money that has been spent on communication. This paper explores various internet tools that can be utilized by employees of Dirt Bikes to communicate and obtain information efficiently.

The Intranet

The Intranet is a secured internal or private network of an organization that connects all computers to ingress that access the internet. Development of intranet is based on the internet technology such as use of htp protocols.

The intranet is restricted to an organization and its associates (customers, employees, members and suppliers among others), and is protected from unauthorized access with security systems and firewalls. Such security encryption puts a stop to abuses of the system like social networking, inapt use of web, among others. A major benefit that arises from use of the intranet is reduction in costs as a result of paperless environment.

For instance, Dirt Bikes can put out most of the company’s documents such as policies, procedure manuals for the shops, and new rules through the intranet Web pages. This saves the company costs relating to printing, maintaining and circulating such documents. Also, the intranet makes it easy for communication across departments, for instance, manufacturing and production departments can rely on increased level of outputs to sales and marketing department so that they can clear stock items in anticipation of new products.

The Intranet can aid in improving coordination, conveying information relating to maintenance and giving information relating to production schedules by production department. Sales and marketing departments can get reports on sales and market surveys from the intranet.

In human resources department, use of forms is made easy as they can be done paper free and transmitted quickly. Furthermore, information such as payroll documents, expense report requests, vacancies, staff benefits, employees’ handbooks among others can be posted for easy access by all employees (Laudon and Laudon, 2007).

The intranet allows saving much time in Dirt Bikes because manual procedure of processing information is limited. Besides, it enhances collaboration across all departments as it ensures sharing corporate knowledge and support in the entire company.

Finally, there is an overall improvement in productivity and effectiveness through faster, easier, more flexible and offers an open communication through rapid transmission and feedback and one-to-one, many-to-many dialogs. Productivity increase results in better learning and knowledge management facilities the intranet provides (Laudon and Laudon, 2007).

Internet Tools for Dirt Bikes

The Internet comes with numerous tools, applications and utilities which company can utilize in a day-to-day operations for communication, information exchange and interaction. Internet tools enable users who have client software to access storage of information on servers for a range of purposes which are more complex than just utility tasks.

Some of the tools include; Server watch (avail information about the internet servers includes news, downloads, mail among others), FTP RFC, Telnet RFC, FTP planet, FTP Clients, World Wide Web, HTML Station, Usenet, RSS, VoIP, Groupware and VPN among others (Laudon and Laudon, 2007). The table below summarizes the internet tools that can be utilized in various departments of an organization.

Table 1.0 Internet tool by department

Sales and marketingGroupware, WWW, HTML Station, VoIP, RSS, LISTSERV App. and VPNCooperation, savings in cost, easy access to remote accounts,
Human resourcesGroupware, WWW, HTML Station and VoIPCooperation and savings in cost
Manufacturing and ProductionGroupware, WWW, HTML Station, VoIP and VPNCooperation, savings in cost, easy access to remote accounts, ability to access information on current technology among others.


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