Many politics stands firm in its decisions

Many nations in the world are what they are today mostly because of their ancient roots. A country with deep roots in terms of culture, ethics and politics stands firm in its decisions and therefore not swaggered by any uprising issues. A good example is the United States of America which because of its roots continues to be the super power of the world. Iraq which is a country located in the Middle East has shallow roots despite the name Iraq in Arabic meaning well rooted. Essentially Iraq was colonised by Britain and from their time of colonialism Iraq has not been independent as a nation (Hauss, 2009, p.5). This was clearly evidenced during the making of the country’s first constitution which was an adoption of several chapters from the constitutions of the Western countries.

This showed that Iraq rejected its own religion and doctrines which in the long run affected the political state of the country hence the decline of the Monarchy. History shows that since then the country has been in wars and politically instable up to recent in this year that Iraq held their first elections. During the elections most the Iraqi nationalities were in fear of casting their votes because of the previous political stand of the nation. The shallow roots of the country have also led to lack of economical development.

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Research shows that the Iraqi nationalities make up some of the most suppressed people both mentally and psychologically. The oppression comes about because of lack of loyalty among the people who have neither culture nor ethics. The nation is therefore at war at most times hence lacking time to venture into activities that help in building the nation (Hauss, 2009, p.21).

This has therefore led to a state that has a poor economy and depends on aid from well of countries. The rise up of Saddam Hussein who is the leader of the Iraqi people brought more torture in the country. Saddam Hussein and his men managed to outdo the Americans by using the poison gas which killed so many people at a go. Also because of the previous failure in wars especially by United States of America and Kuwait, it gave more strength to Saddam Hussein which made him able to acquire his millions of men and buy weapons that were very sophisticated.

He was able to use his weapons of mass destruction together with troop of men to destroy millions of people. Another strategy used by Saddam Hussein was coalition with national friends who because of their support made it easier for him to attack. However in the year 2003, everything revolved around and tables turned as Saddam and his men were attacked. This had been accelerated by the fact that the Al- Qaeda had attacked the World Trade centre in 2001 hence the Americans put more effort in their fight to destroy Saddam Hussein and his regime. The success of this was when Saddam was arrested and imprisoned hence putting an end to his regime.

Iraq is currently recovering from its past and trying to catch-up as a democratic nation both economically and politically stable. It can therefore be concluded that as you fight terrorism you end up creating more terrorists and in the long run become allies (Hauss, 2009, p.7). For example from the previous wars the United States became friends with Iraq and other countries like Afghanistan during the battle.

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