It forested area to expand the provincial park.

It is to my opinion that the best course of action
in this situation would be to use most of the extra forested area to expand the
provincial park. There are some significant reasons for this. To begin with,
since the park is very heavily used, a lot more money could be earned from
tourism than what could be earned from logging. According to a survey conducted
in the year 2013 in Canada, tourism and recreation generated 618 000 jobs and
created an approximate 84 billion dollars in revenue compared to the logging
industry’s 19.8 billion dollars to Canada’s GDP. Secondly, since the natural
heritage and other aspects of the natural environment are protected by the
provincial park, tourism would benefit from the expansion because of the
increased size of the park and along with its attractiveness and vastness. As
well, despite the fact that the park will only last for the reason that it is
more or less untouched, the logging industry would inexorably run out of trees
by exhausting the supply of trees even on the added forest area due to logging.
Thus, the money that is earned from the park will last longer. Finally, by adding
most of the extra forested area to the provincial park, a lot more land could
be protected, which consequently protects physical diversity. A significant
part of Earth’s natural ecosystems are in Canada: 25 percent of all wetland
ecosystems, 15 percent of all forests, and 16 percent of all Arctic ecosystems.
Everything in these ecosystems from plants and animals to bodies of water is
vital to the natural processes that keep Earth’s systems stable. The natural
environment and physical diversity is affected very badly from logging as there
is a direct loss of natural spaces in ecosystems due to logging. This can be
demonstrated and proven by Canada’s boreal forest as only 35 percent of it
remains undisturbed. Thus, by adding the forested land to the provincial park,
physical diversity and the environment can be protected. Therefore, the best
course of action with the additional forest area is to dedicate most of it if
not all to the provincial park since money could be earned in a sustainable



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