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James Naismith is the man who invented basketball. In 1891 Naismith was given the task to create a game for the kids at the YMCA in Springfield. This report is about how James Naismith created, came up with and affected the game of basketball. I chose this topic because my favourite sport is basketball and I wanted to learn more about how it was created. You will learn about who James Naismith is, how he created basketball and what basketball has done for the world.Who is he? James Naismith was born on November 6th, 1861. He was the oldest son of Scottish immigrants, Margaret and John Naismith. Margaret had a large family that moved to Canada in 1852 and settled in Ramsay Township. In 1853, 18 year old John left his parents in Scotland and immigrated to Canada. James was raised in Ramsay Township which is near Almonte, Ontario where he attended grade school. But unfortunately, at age 9 his parents died of typhoid fever. James along with his older sister, Annie and his younger brother, Robbie moved to live with their uncle, Peter Young in nearby Bennie’s Corners.What did he accomplish when he made basketball? In 1891 when James Naismith worked at the YMCA in Springfield, he was given the task to create an indoor game for the kids that was fun and would keep them active during a huge snowstorm in New England. After the game was created and developed, it was put into the Summer Olympics in Berlin in 1936. Now basketball is one of the best known sports in world that is played and watched by a lot of people. Also the basketball Hall of Fame is named after James.Where did he get the idea from? James Naismith got the idea from various sports. He had to create a game within two weeks. He thought of just bringing soccer or lacrosse inside, however the school gym was small and it would have been hard to play. Then, he recalled a childhood game that he played called Duck on a Rock where you had to throw a rock into a basket. He now had an idea of what he wanted to do, he wanted to attach baskets  on walls and then have the players throw a ball into them. He had trouble finding boxes so he used peach baskets from the cafeteria.


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