Kiss the sky

Ten people sit, waiting to embark
On a journey to a place called Jurassic Park.

They sit impatient, they can’t wait to leave
Too see something none of them have ever seen.

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They’ve seen it in movies and on TV
But never in real life like they are about to see.

Although it will be exciting to be there,
It’s as well a dangerous atmosphere;
For they all tried to run when they heard the roar
But they all got eaten by a dinosaur.

So all we know is who they were;
Nothing from after or from before
But I will tell you what I can guess
About all these people, I’ll do my best.

There was a man who played on the stage
And for each film he made, earned a hefty wage.

He was an actor in huge demand
Any sum of money would be placed in his hand.

He could make you think he was anyone
He could even convince his father he wasn’t his son.

Although in his head he wasn’t too bright
His personality was more than all right.

The other nine like him, and that’s no surprise
He was especially easy on the eyes.

The man who with the actor bonded best
Was a man with a million dollar wrist.

On the cover of every sports magazine
And being him was every boy’s dream.

He was a bit short-tempered, but liked to joke
They all thought he was funny, even the old folks.

Although he could play many sports
He was also a gentleman of many sorts.

He was quite a charmer, pure to the core
No girl could ever ask for anything more.

Next on the list was a man who sang
And when he did, on every word you would hang.

For he could set the mood of any situation
And make something small into a big sensation.

Although he was not much to look at
His words were rich like butter is fat.

He was a college man but not very bright
He never studied during the day, but he sang at night.

He was rather shy and kept to himself
Until he was on stage, then his songs he would belt.

Then there was a man with utmost control
Boss of the country was his role.

Every decision was of his own
He could change anything by making a call on the phone.

But that’s okay, he was quite trusted
And so neat about everything, even his ironing board was dusted.

Everything he wore looked brand new
It’s like everything he wore, he had two.

He had great posture, even when he sat
He stepped very lightly, just like a cat.

The woman with whom he had the most in common
Was a woman who worked in the business of ramen.

The business was passed down by generations
Her relatives had done all the preparations.

She ran the business like no one before
Whether it was a sale of a million or four.

She ran the business like a well-oiled machine
That was kept superbly clean.

And made sure that no one fell out of line
And never gave anyone a reason to whine.

Then there was a man who gave the greatest gift of all
He taught at the end of a very long haul.

He would make learning seem fun
And children were sad when the day was done.

He exuded such an enormous energy
He would teach no matter what his wage would be.

He loved nothing more than seeing eyes light up
On the faces of children who were learning new stuff.

Whether teaching to read, write, or spell
He did it all very well.

Closest to the man who taught
Was a woman who had to deal with children who fought.

She had no job and stayed home all day
And with her children she got to play.

She never wanted to go out and work
And deal with a boss who was a jerk.

Instead she liked to clean and cook
And read the occasional book.

Some may think she’d get bored
But each day she enjoyed it more.

Then there was a woman who worked half the time
Someone usually has to, to get by.

But this person inherited a hefty sum
When her grandmother’s life was done.

Although she was in the higher class
She still liked to work to help the time pass.

She was rather shy and didn’t speak much
But when she did, she did it such
A way that could calm anyone
And make a sad situation fun.

The one who was closest to a friend to her
Was a boy who grew up calling his father “sir”.

He went to private schools all his childhood
And was programmed to think that was good.

But then he finally saw the light
And he ran away from home that night.

So now he’s living on his own
And occasionally calls his mom on the phone.

But he refuses to ever come back
And live the life someone else wants him to have.

Finally a man who gave his life
To his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

He joined the ministry right out of school
And for that, many people called him a fool.

But he knew it was what he wanted
And knew the decision wouldn’t haunt him.

So now he preaches every chance he gets
And never swears, cheats, or bets.

He was easy to get along with, and also quite funny
And when they passed the plate in church, he received a lot of money.


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