Lavender! was sitting there for a decade and

Lavender! The fragrance is so mesmerizing as if the
Almighty has showered his blessings in a room with wooden flooring. It is
filled with all sorts of creepy antique artifacts and most of them look like
they are broken very badly. Just across the tea table, there is a gritty bonsai
placed on a small sill. Most of the leaves of the bonsai are worn out. The mini
tree looks pretty old and is about to get uprooted from its place. Approaching
near the tree, and lifting it up, it is weighing a hundred tons.

In addition to that, the gloomy room is lit with
candles of several fragrances but the most refreshing aroma is emitted by
lavender and jasmine sandalwood sticks. The wooden floors and the emerald green
walls with bamboo scrolls hung, and the ancient Chinese relics are making the
place look more existential. The gigantic relics are glowing so brightly by the
sunlight and it looks like as if they are about to explode.

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Furthermore, the room is occupied by 3 anonymous
people and a pug. The pug looked exactly the same like her master, who had now
started biting her nails. She is a giant lady who is using two seats, which are
squeaking and creaking till the moment, to maintain her composure. The lady has
big grey eyes and a petite nose. She has chubby cheeks and brown lips (mostly
because of her lip gloss). The lady’s face shows a clear expression of rage
which gave a suggestion of not to go against her. There is a man sitting across
her. He was sitting there for a decade and was soundless till the moment. He is
wearing a coffee brown topcoat, a little too small for him – it must pinch
under the arms – and a tanned hat. He is surely not a Chinese and his white
face gave a proposal that he might be British. His eyes are blue like an ocean
and small like raisins. He has dark hair on the knuckles, which rested on the
thick briefcase he was holding across his lap. He has a sly look like a fox.
The last chair is occupied by a boy, who is a beefier reflection of Bruce
Lee.  He is staring at the lady with eyes
that told that he isn’t enjoying her company. He is wearing cologne with a very
uncertain smell. He has sea green eyes, which are seen once in a blue moon
which gave his face an innocent guilt. His hands are fiddling with a fidget
spinner and he looks the same as the man wearing the brown top coat, who might
have been his father.


Above all, at the door, a
waitress was waiting with what looked like an Ipad and a tray, ready to strike
out our first tea. As we speak she deftly taps the screen, then she beams at us
with the enthusiasm of someone new to the job and asks that if she could pour
us the tea. She has a pale complexion, which is customary on the Chinese faces;
with shining black hoops and a small ring pierced on her diminutive nose, she
has the look of a shy Chinese bride. However her eyes were
saying that she was sad. She was looking for something she had lost, something
important. She wiggles towards us in
high heels, like a tall drink of water on a hot summer day and pours us our
teas. Taking a sip of the tea, an
instant reminisce occurred and the tea was come to known as the Pu erh
(pronounced as poor) tea. It was the first tea ever made in china. The
color of the tea is golden brown and the tea is transparent. A lot of tea
leaves are dancing at the surface of the tea. The flavor is the same as of the
black tea and gave a feeling that they are playing a trick by pouring a regular
black tea.

Strangely enough, both father and son are showing an
impish grin on their faces. All of a sudden, the man pulls out a revolver from
his briefcase and points it at the lady. The lady screams shrilly, her voice
was so loud that she almost broke the window. The little pup sitting on her lap
started barking and springs on the man. Then there was a loud BANG followed by
another one; and a long deafening silence. The room fills with fog. Looking out
of the table, I see the lady and the dog lying side-by-side on the floor and
the man and the boy gone.



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