Learning Asda mobile and tyres etc. The company


This unit will give you a broad understanding of
different organisations and what they are trying to achieve. You will learn
about the influence of stakeholders and how organisations are structured to
achieve their purposes. You will also learn about the changing business
environment. The recent global recession has affected many businesses however,
other external issues also have an impact, – and political, legal, and social
factors will be considered. In assignment 1, you will learn about the range of
different businesses and their stakeholders.  

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have to pick two contrasting organisations operating in the local area and
provide an insight into who they are, what they do and why 


P1 Describe the type of business, purpose and
ownership of two contrasting business (Reflective learners)

In this assignment,
I will be looking at the purpose and ownership of Asda and Muslim Aid. I will research the activity, business
sector; whether it’s primary, secondary, or tertiary. I will also comment on
the ownership and the business purpose for both Asda and Muslim Aid.


history and activity:

Asda Stores Ltd is a British supermarket retailer
which supplies food, clothing, and general merchandise. It also has contact
lenses, travel agency, Asda mobile and tyres etc. The company was founded in
1965 by the Asquith family, and first
opened by Peter Asquith. Asda was the
“first food store to offer general merchandise” which expanded the business and
made it grow bigger in the industry. It was the “second
largest supermarket” in Britain between the years 2003 till 2014.  However, Tesco and Sainsbury took over and now
it’s ranked third in the supermarket industry.


Asda has a lot of business activity which makes
their business ideal for consumers. They
have a lot of services which attract
customers. Some of their services include;

George Clothing and footwear

General merchandise

George home

Contact lenses  


Asda mobile

Tyres, petrol station and car was


sector and ownership:

Asda is mainly a tertiary and a secondary sector as
it imports products of its self; such as Asda smart price food and their own
bakery. It has a wide range of products from food to house hold goods. They
also have local sourcing, where they have a partnership with local suppliers bringing
them fresh food of all varieties on a regular basis. This can promote their
sales as people will like to buy organic food. In addition to that, they have
their own brand of clothing called “George” which was launched in 1990 the
“first supermarket clothing brand in Britain.” https://sustainability.asda.com/local-sourcing
& https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asda 

Asda’s ownership is a PLC (Public Limited
Company). It is funded by the government so they have to abide by the rules of
the government. They aspire to attract new shareholders; most of them are
pensioners and bankers.

There are many stakeholders who have an influence
in the business. The employees are the body of the business, without them the
business would not run. However, they have limited freedom and their voice is
not heard as much. Their importance in the job is to get their wages at the end
of the month. The managers have the higher level of authorities and they make
the decisions, their interest is to improve its service and sales. The
government sets out rules and regulations which the business has to abide. The government’s
duty is to reduce unemployment and to collect taxes.


Asda’s purpose is to “save everyone money, every day.” 
They put their customers first and aim to listen to what they have to
say. It is the customers who have the most priorities because; they impact on
what they sell. Asda’s purpose is to supply products with quality assurance and
competitive prices. http://your.asda.com/system/dragonfly/production/2012/01/04/12_59_19_568_All_about_Asda.pdf







history, purpose, and activity:

Muslim Aid is a UK based Islamic charity, which
was established in 1985.  It started off
as a small branch in London and then expanded across the UK over the past 25
years. They provide emergency service over 50 countries across the world, by
raising money for supplies which they use to give aid.

Some of the activity they do is;


Go door to door to raise money

Come on TV to raise money

Host events

They have worked in over 70 countries across the
world; helping the people in need due to poverty, “natural disasters, and lack
of life’s basic necessities.” They work with anyone in need, regardless of their
religion, race, or gender etc. Their main
aim is to preserve lives and at the same time,
they endeavour to provide education and skill training.  https://www.muslimaid.org/about-us/  & https://www.muslimaid.org/what-we-do/

sector and ownership:

Muslim aid business is a tertiary business sector. They aim to save lives by providing
healthcare, food, and water.  Helping
people to overcome the crisis and make
people’s lives better again. They provide tents and blankets to the people who
have been affected by the crisis.

Some of their strategic programmes to reduce
poverty are;


Teaching people skills

Providing clean water

Healthcare; medical aid for hospitals

Michael King (Interim Manager)
and Jehangir Malik is the chief executive of Muslim aid. Muslim
Aid is a private limited company, which
was established in 1985 by some community leaders. The manager’s responsibility
is to assure that the charity is providing the right products to the employees
to distribute it. The employee has the responsibility to distribute; food,
water and healthcare to the people who have been affected. The suppliers are
the people who donate the money to Muslim aid, how much they donate affects a number of products Muslim aid can buy.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muslim_Aid



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