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Life is a complex process which requires sacrifices and perseverance needed to prosper, to achieve our personal goals and to make a life worth living. In truth, I may consider myself as a lucky person since I have never doubted what my future career would have been focused on; becoming an expert in drugs design and their development and at the same time being involved in the improvement of others’ health have constantly represented my biggest aims. I have always found fascinating the several ways in which human body responds to different chemical compounds and, at the same time, all the mechanisms by which a chemical can trigger different processes at molecular level as well as at higher levels. My main goal has always been to be highly knowledgeable in the various topics related to health care so that I could offer my humble contribution in finding a valuable treatment for those diseases unfortunately still labelled as ‘incurable’.
My five years in high school have just pulled out my ambition and encouraged me to turn my dream into something concrete. For this reason, right after my high-school diploma, I successfully achieved my degree as a Doctor of Pharmacy from The G. d’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara. During my five years of undergraduate program I studied and deepened my knowledge about Pathology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Technology, etc., realizing how interesting and dynamic is the field of pharmaceuticals. In addition, I became aware that I am more prone to such subjects as Pharmacology, Toxicology and pharmacotherapy and with passing time my passion and commitment towards them has just grown ever greater. The whole undergraduate period is marked by a satisfactory grade point average that I am willing to improve in your graduate school since I will be fully able to devote myself to the subject of my interest: pharmacology. I consider this subject one of the very few able to connect knowledge coming from different fields as chemistry, physiology or pathology and subsequently able to establish them in a clear scheme fit for treat diseases. Therefore, my goal is to earn a Master of Science and then apply the knowledge gained to my career as a pharmacist since I see it is essential to have a global understanding of potential interactions, proper dosage and side effects that might affect my patients. I would also like also convey the message that the person over-the-counter cannot be regarded as the one who is trying to grow rich behind your back selling you several classes of medicines; being a ‘pharmacist’ is definitely a valuable occupation based on improving human lives, keeping them healthy and serving the Health Care System. 
During my university career the most relevant experiences that led me to choose your graduate studies are represented by my dissertation in Pharmacology: “Brexpiprazole: new drug for schizophrenia treatment”. I spent two months studying and reviewing all the recent and most relevant scientific papers followed by the next three months during which I organised and wrote my thesis focused on the most crucial aspects of this new drug: pharmacokinetics, chemical properties, side effects, pharmacodynamics, dosage and clinical trials which granted pharmaceutical been approved by FDA. My highly motivation towards Pharmacology could be also emphasised by the final course examination with a total GPA of 4.0 in this field and by the research projects showed up in class marked with the highest grades. I also gladly took part in few extracurricular courses as ‘Molecular Genetics’ in which I developed my knowledge about the structure and function of genes at a molecular level and how genetic variations, heredity and mutations could affect an organism; through the laboratory project I also had the opportunity to experience the Polymerase Chain Reaction. Other extracurricular activities I have been on are: ‘Applied Microbiology’, basically focused on those micro-organisms, grown under control on cell cultures, able either to contaminate making the medicine hazardous or to provide substances as proteins or antibiotics helpful in pharmaceutical uses, ‘Endocrine Pharmacology’ which aims the global understanding of pharmacodynamics, clinical uses and side effects of those drugs been used to treat endocrine and metabolism disorders and ‘Pharmaceutical Marketing’. My career has been also positively  characterised by six-month internship in a private pharmacy where I handled fairly well both the aspects of daily pharmacy management and inventory and I also strengthened the ability to relate myself to the patients. Through this experience I figured out that sense of reassurance every pharmacist should offer to his patients as well as he should treat them as human being instead of customers. I had excellent intellectual exchanges with my colleagues that helped me to improve my communication skills and to behave in a more responsible way introducing me carefully in the working world. As the last but not the least, my programme gave me the great opportunity to approach the American education system by letting me study one semester at Nazareth College in Rochester. I deepened my knowledge about Analytical Chemistry, Clinical Toxicology and Inorganic Chemistry coupled with several research laboratory projects which allowed me to be involved in hands-on learning improving my laboratory skills; topics covered included separatory, titrimetric and spectroscopic methods of analysis as well as methods of data analysis and experimental design, application of techniques of synthetic chemistry, analysis of inorganic materials and few experiments employing a variety of toxicological methods to investigate levels of toxicants and their effects on biological systems at the whole organism level.
I am certain that the Master of Science in Pharmacology offered by University of Michigan will result to be the most adequate and effective approach towards my career as a pharmacist. I am also pretty sure that this graduate study will significantly heighten my research experience, leading my knowledge and potentials to an advanced level and providing me with the essential competence I will need to success in my life. My ultimate goal is to be a professional and a better human being, it maybe challenging but I know that challenges are opportunities for growth. Thank you for your time and consideration. 


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