Lipitor Case Study: At the Heart of Warner- Lambert

Customer Value

The company produces Lipitor which when compared to other medicines, has the power to lower the level of cholesterol in the body. The firm sells Lipitor at comparatively lower prices compared to other drugs of the same category. Lipitor is also a prescription for reducing the level of triglycerides in the body, this makes it ideal drug to be used by a range of patients.

The drug also contributes to lowering the mortality rate linked to heart diseases. The use of the drug is not as complicated as other statin; it gives physicians easy time with their patients since the prescription involved in administering Lipitor is easy and readily understood (Leafstedt et al 356-369).

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The firm needs the approval of FDA in order to start carrying out the normal sales of Lipitor to the medical industry. The firm had to carry out clinical trials through the marketers on every person to establish the level of relevance of other drugs already in the market.

This was designed so as to enable the firm to show the customers that their product was superior compared to others. The firm established a research organization which was to operate under the modern pharmaceutical development providing a strong base for future expansion.

It works with an experienced management team and at times hires talents to provide the required knowledge. The processes of regulations and clinical research were incorporated to form part of research and development; this assisted in improving the results submitted to FDA (Leafstedt et al 356-369).

The firm’s marketers have built a very strong relationship between them and the medical practitioners and this helps in boosting the sales. The millions of patients who lie untreated present the firm with a big consumer base that they need to attend to within the shortest duration possible.

Many sales representatives have been recruited on the ground to help in reaching out physicians; they have also been used to distribute free samples of Lipitor. The firm further obtained a manufacturing facility that operated full time; this enables the firm to supply adequate drugs to consumers (Feng et al 467-503).

Connected Activities

The company has focused on the use some basic business segments which include; providing consumers with medications over the counter, and then they also provide confectioneries and prescribing of appropriate pharmaceutical to customers.

The owner of the company is a specialist in several areas in the medical field; this makes it easier for him to diversify his research in developing drugs to suite the specified area. The firm had to conduct several tests on the Lipitor drug in order to establish its worth to patients. The test was done in three phases of which subsequent positive results were realized, and that is its strength to lower cholesterol level by higher percentage (Leafstedt et al 356-369).

The firm enjoys partnership with companies that do not offer cholesterol-based drugs like Pfizer. It gave Pfizer the rights to sell Lipitor and also provided assistance required in advertisement and promotion. Further Pfizer contributed towards the clinical trials out of which it receives some commission.

The awareness of the drug within market has been created by educating the public on the importance of fast elimination of cholesterol and this has been made possible through partnership with American Heart Association. The firm with the assistance of FDA, was able to convince the physicians that Lipitor attained the required health standards hence suitable for use within the prescribed areas (Leafstedt et al 356-369).

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