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Margaret Johnson, only daughter of Mary Murphy: found dead in the East River atage 23 Margaret Johnson, also called Maggie, was a successful seamstress and theonly daughter of Mary Murphy died on November 19 in the East River where she wasspotted floating atop the freezing cold water. The cause of death seems to besuicide due to a longing case of depression but there are still tests being doneon the body. Because of the poverty Maggie was born into she did not have thechance to learn how to swim which leads to the thought of her gettinghypothermia once she either jumped or got pushed in the river. Maggie was saidto be a very intelligent young lady who was always very popular around the men.She was also said to be very dependent and that was clearly seen when she ranaway from home and went straight to a guy friend of hers whose name will not bereleased.

As soon as they realized their differences she quickly ran back hometo her mother who then rejected her, claiming that she was the “devil.”Earlier in her short, prosperous life Maggie had to deal with the death of bothher baby brother and her father, the one close family member that protected herin tough times that she often encountered. Margaret Johnson is survived by abrother Jimmie Johnson and her mother Mary Murphy.

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