Malcolm they approached injustice. I read The Autobiography

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were both African-American civil rights activists. They fought for what they believed in differently. I learned many things about Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X and the ways they approached injustice. I read The Autobiography Of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley. The theme of this story was self-transformation. Malcolm goes through several phases in his life. He changes significantly throughout the story. He changes the way he thinks about white people many times. The author uses some metaphors and metonymies to communicate the theme of the story.The book helped me understand the difference between how Malcolm and Martin thought and how they wanted to handle segregation. They dealt with the racism differently because they were raised differently. To summarize, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. approached racial problems in different ways.The difference in the way they were raised was a big reason why they had different outlooks and ideas on how to change the lives of black people. Martin Luther King Jr. grew up in a middle class family and was well educated. He was always against violence and followed the Christian faith. His family made sure he grew up in a happy and secure atmosphere. In the article, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, the author states, “Malcolm X and Martin Luther King’s childhoods had powerful influences on the men and their speeches.”On the other hand, Malcolm X grew up in a hostile environment with little schooling. He had no problem with fighting back physically. His father was murdered, his mother suffered a nervous breakdown, and his family split up.  Malcolm grew up in an atmosphere filled with fear and anger. The nightmares of his childhood caused hatred and revenge to built up inside him. He had bad experiences with white people including the time his white teacher told him he couldn’t be a lawyer and when he was treated like he wasn’t a human, just a “mascot”. These experiences effected him mentally and later in his life he wanted to take revenge. In the same article it says, “For most of his life, he believed that only through revolution and force could blacks attain their rightful place in society.” To me, this means, Malcolm grew up believing that force is the only way blacks would get their place in society. Certain things happened while he was growing up that caused him to think this way.Martin Luther King Jr. approached racial problems in a peaceful and non-violent way. He wanted for all races to integrate. He used something he called “weapons of love”. He has a famous speech “I Have A Dream…” that inspired many of his followers. When he does his speeches he talks slow and calm. I think he does this because if he want to peacefully protest he has to talk calmly. He was apart of some major movements such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Birmingham Campaign and The Civil Rights Movement. Malcolm X had no problem with being violent. His famous line was “by any means necessary.” Malcolm X believed that black people should fight back and then go to Africa. He did not support Martin Luther King’s idea of integrating. Malcolm X influenced his followers so much that they would harass or hurt white people. In 1963, Malcolm lead the Unity Rally in Harlem. When he does debates and speeches he talks aggressive and loud. I think he does this because he wants to encourage his followers to fight back and not take racial matters lightly.Truly, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X approached racial problems differently. Martin Luther King did peaceful protesting and wanted integration. Malcolm X wanted to fight back and be segregated. They both wanted a better life for black people but they wanted to accomplish that in different ways. While reading The Autobiography Of Malcolm X  I understood why Malcolm chose to be aggressive toward whites while Martin Luther King was calm. All in all, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. approached racial problems in different ways.


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