Mama Mancini

Strategy Paper 1: Proposal

The purpose of this paper is to examine the prevalence of family owned small business through analysis conducted to assess their contribution and impact to the society. The research is aimed at assessing the problems faced by small family owned businesses. First, the study will examine specific case of family owned small business, Mama Mancini’s, a mid size restaurant in Chicago area, in order to examine how closely it fits the general principles of family owned small business.

The success of this small business is owed to good planning, quality of their product and identification of the niche market. Bruno Mancini’s vision and planning contributed greatly to the success of the business. The paper focuses on dynamics of owner-owned enterprises and Mama Mancini’s business was chosen for this case because of the successful, family owned small businesses which are typical example of increasing numbers all family owned businesses all over the world.

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Mama Mancini is a small family business started in 1913 by Arturo Mancini, an Italian Chef specialising in serving genuine home made sources. The restaurant has gained popularity over the years due to its unique delicacies of Italian recipes and dining experience combined with good cultural atmosphere.This small family owned business was running at a loss five years ago, the break even point was achieved during the third year. The figures below present the company’s financial statements.


(Amounts are in $’000)

Year 1Year 2/th> Year 3/th> Year 4/th> Year 5/th>

Cost of good sold1,2651,5181,8212,1862,623
Gross Profit2,9513,5424,2505,1016,121
Selling, general,
Administrative & Expenses3,2853,7914,0874,8255,556
Administrative & Expenses3,2853,7914,0874,8255,556
Net profit before tax-333-249163275585
Profit after tax-333-249139234480


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