Many a positive belief that simplifies your life

Many limiting beliefs originate in
early childhood and live with us for the rest of our
lives. Our brain makes certain beliefs from the surrounding and helps us in
certain situations. Sometimes it helps but sometimes it doesn’t serve.

What are limited beliefs?

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Sometimes you see reality different than
others, because you have different beliefs. The same situation can be
perceived by people in different ways. That is why what you find funny,
other not.

We form beliefs because they simplify
our lives. If you, for example, touched a hot iron and received a burn,
the next time you do not do it. You will not be for one simple reason –
you are convinced that this will lead to a burn. This is an example of a
positive belief that simplifies your life and protects you.

A simple and, unfortunately, typical
example – a person who has received negative experience in personal
relationships, transfers negative perception to all potential partners. He
begins to believe that all men / women are the same. This belief does not
allow him to see men / women who do not fit into the established belief system.

Many people mistakenly perceive the
world around them. And they think that they see the real
world. Nevertheless, limiting beliefs set the picture of the world in such
a way that they believe it. And it is very difficult for such people to
understand that this life is not real.

How to get rid of the limited beliefs?

Write down the negative beliefs like ‘I
am not smart’; ‘I can’t do this’ on a paper and think about it. Change the
perception about yourself. Try to figure what is really true and best for you. For
example, your family thinks that you are a good singer and you think that you
are not and there is no positive outcomes then believe it is limited belief.

Now you must realize that you are no longer a child, and you have
free choice. You can choose whether to retain such beliefs or liquidate
them, get rid of them. It depends on you.

Just tell yourself that you want to get rid of this
belief. And start looking for evidence that a particular limiting belief
is not true.

In addition, you must begin to form a belief contrary to your
limiting belief.

For example, if you are used to thinking “It’s impossible for
me to make a lot of money”, think “I believe that I can make big
money”. And whenever you earn money (and this, of course, happens),
make sure that this is a confirmation of your positive belief.

You have complete freedom to choose how you want to live. You
can form your own psychology of success . And
you can choose your own beliefs and behaviors. When you take full
responsibility for your life, do not feel indignation towards people who have
given you negative beliefs, your limiting beliefs will dissolve. All you
have to do is form faith in the opposite beliefs, as well as look for their manifestations
in life.



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