Martin luther king jr. 6

Martin Luther king Jr., is a person with such a status in history, every one knows his name.
He grew up in a time where every southern state was segregated. He grew up in a religious family and was ordained a minister at the age of 17; thus began his life of fighting for the betterment of mankind. He became known for his public speeches and ability to get points across in nonviolent ways. His speeches where monumental because they offered promise to oppressed people, and a nonviolent means to achieve it.
He was a powerful speaker and became a figure head for large movements for the civil rights of blacks in the South. One of his many achievements began in 1955 after Rosa Parkes was arrested for not giving up her bus seat for a white person. He was asked to lead the bus boycott in Montgomery, and achieved his goal of desegregating busses. Building on the success of the Bus Boycott, King founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and emphasized the importance of black voting rights when he spoke at the Lincoln Memorial during the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom. King’s renown grew as he became Time magazine’s Man of the Year and, in December 1964, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Among many other things he also organized huge rallies against poverty. Early in 1968, he initiated a Poor Peoples campaign designed to help economic problems that had not been addressed by early civil rights reforms.

Kings overall effectiveness in achieving his goals where limited because of divisions among blacks. He also encountered resistance from national political leaders. The FBI director J. Edgar Hoover’s extensive efforts to undermined King’s leadership grew during 1967 as urban racial violence increased and King criticized American intervention in the Vietnam war. He was assassinated on April 4, 1968, while seeking to assist a garbage workers’ strike in Memphis.

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After his death, King remained a controversial symbol of the African-American civil
rights struggle, praised by many for his work and condemned by others for his militancy and insurgent views.

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