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In the movie that we saw during class was about Mary, Mother of Jesus. Thefollowing essay will answer the question of Mary’s understanding of her role andher understanding of who Jesus was and who he was going to be. Mary, at times inthis movie was extremely confused about things that were happening to her. Forexample, the first time that God talked to her she was confused; she didn’t knowwhat was going on. Mary had no clue whether to ignore the voice or believe it.

Another example was when Mary was at the Inn giving birth to Jesus. God spoke toMary and told her to name her son Jesus. And now with her faith in God, she wasno longer confused about who was speaking to her and what she had to do. Withthis newly found faith in God’s plans for her son she trusted the sheppards thatcame to see her.

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With the sheppards telling Mary that they had been told by Godto visit a newborn child who was going to be the King of the Jews. I think atthis time Mary was certain that Jesus was the Son of God and was going to bedifferent. Mary, as well as Jesus, was different from other people because sheunderstood what Jesus was saying ( or doing ) when others had no idea what hewas saying ( or doing .) I thinnk that Mary was an interpreter for God whotranslated what Jesus was doing, so others could understand. For example, whenJesus arose from the grave. Mary and everyone else immediately knew that he wastruly the Son of God.

So, Mary had to interpret that the Apostles were to spreadthe teachings of Jesus to all. Also, when Jesus was in the temple and Joseph gotmade at him for not telling anyone where he went; Jesus said “Where elsewould I be except for my father’s house.” The 2 other people their had noidea what that meant, except for Mary. Mary knew that Jesus was the Son of Godwho was trying to teach to the others that God thinks of everyone as his son ordaughter. In conclusion, Mary understood her role as well as the understandingof who Jesus was because she had faith and trust in God.Religion


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