Men Are Superior to Women


The following case represents a case for the reasons why men are regarded superior or otherwise better than women. Men have been regarded as better than women in ancient times. Men are regarded as superior to women due to the following reasons; women are usually dictated by their emotions, they tends to be irrational, they are inferior with regards to biological aspect, they undergoes through menstrual cycles making them to act the same way as animals, and also they are physically weaker as compared to males.

Reasons as to why men are superior

Men are not dictated by their emotions as compared to women. Usually, men are guided by honor, reality as well as sense which are not the case in women. Women on the other hand acts in accordance with their feelings. This explains the reason as to why females tends to be socialists whereas men tends to be capitalists. Socialism is usually associated with non-productivity whereas capitalism enables individual achievement. Men usually stick to their words unlike women who are usually true as far as their feelings are concerned.

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Women by virtual of being true with regards to their feelings causes troubles in the society e.g. they votes for those people who are socialists and who counters productivity. Women cannot be trusted with power as they tend to misuse it as a result of their feelings. Women are also known to ruin the social relationships as a result of their feelings. As a result of their feelings, women are mostly affected depressions as well as anxiety as compared to men.

Women usually express their feelings even when they are having a conversation whereas men focus on their words.

Also, women’s blood flow rises to the brains’ language as well as emotional center once they are hurt whereas the males blood flow only rises to the interpretive area once they are angered .This means that the brains of men and women are different due to the fact that men’s emotional centre is not affected as that of the women. This thus makes women to be inferior as compared to men because their brains are stronger than that of women (Kolb 87).

The other reason that makes men to be superior to women is the fact that men are naturally rational. Women are usually intellectually deficient in the sense that they are not able to reason well. A woman usually allows themselves to be diverted from accomplishing their objectives by the emotions as well as their desires.

Their nor rational motives are usually the reason behind their failure which is not the case with men. Men usually have an understanding of the irrational; forces which are capable of hindering them from achieving their goals e.g. jealousy e.t.c. unlike women who fails to recognize these forces. Women are also irrational in the sense that they are the reason behind many failed relationships.

Their estrogen causes them to act irrationally to the sense that they can reject a good man and only to get attracted an ugly rich man whom they feels they can satisfy their material needs. Men usually are capable of acting rationally as far as thinking is concerned and them only acts once they are sure that their actions cannot lead to negative consequences. Women on the other hand act irrationally in that they will do anything only to regret later.

Men are not so much into fashion as compared to the women and this also makes them to be superior.

For instance, women wears high heels once they sees their colleagues wearing them.The fact is that one cannot run in high heels, do manual work, they damages the foot and thus they forces themselves in learning to be comfortable while wearing them. Men on the other hand do not wear such things.

Women are more prone to impulse buying as compared to males and they often throws practicality for aesthetics.Also,when a man enters a room, he often looks for the escape routes in the room in case of possible dangers whereas a woman focuses on the people so as to understand their feelings. Also men are superior to women in the sense that they are able to sort and store the information in their brains whereas the women tend to dwell on the same points.

Thus a woman shares issues expecting to find someone who can listen unto her instead of finding ways to solve the problems. The levels of satisfaction for men is much higher as compared to that of women and this also makes them to be superior.Usually,men tends to focus on wealth acquisition and careers whereas women are focused on family issues. This thus makes women to be inferior as compared to their male counterparts (Drudy 38-40).

Men are superior to women as far as their biological aspect is concerned. Men usually have abilities as far as vision and sound are concerned. In school for instance, boys outperforms the girls in such subjects as mathematics and sciences which depicts that they are more gifted unlike girls.

Also, men tend to be taller as well as heavier as compared to females and thus, they outperform women in sports as far as force and pace are concerned. Men usually outperforms women in sports due to the fact that they have a sense of direction in that they traces the game and thus find ways of wining competitions.

Men are also more aggressive and they are risk takers as compared to women and this explains why they are more successful than women in such aspects as investment. Men’s brains are made in such a way that it enables them to spot a potential threat as compared to women.

Men tends to have a higher self appraisal as compared to women i.e. men are usually justified with their performance whereas women criticizes themselves most of the times.Also, men are created in such a way that they are innovative and this makes them to have independent thoughts while on the other hand, women are less innovative and they tends to follow men’s ideas. This thus makes male to be superior as compared to women (Kalat 37).

The other reason that makes men to be superior to women is the fact that women undergoes through menstrual cycles making them to act the same way as animals. Menstruation exists to make women experience mess as well as pain. They thus bleed involuntarily making them to feel moody and during this time, their performance is usually not optimum.

The cognitive abilities of women usually varies with regards to the menstruation cycle.Also,women are usually more sensitive wit regards to pain during their menstruation cycle and this are the reasons that makes them to be emotional and hence behave like animals.

This thus makes men to be superior as compared to women (Masterson 141).

The other aspect that makes men to be considered to be superior to women is the fact that they are physically stronger than women. Thus, men are dominant and also control the resources as a result of their physical strength. Many employers usually are reluctant to employ women workers due to the fact that they cannot perform some jobs better than male employees. e.g. engineering works.

The muscle systems of both men and women are different and thus they don’t do things in the same way. For instance, those women who decide to take up manual works experiences pain in varicose veins. Men on the other hand can do most of the manual jobs and experience low or no pains in their bodies. With regards to the physical strength, men are usually comfortable as far as their bodies are concerned.

They have an understanding that they do possesses strength and this helps them to take risks as compared to women who don’t who avoids sports. The lack of physical strength makes women to tolerate in many situations as they refrains from making waves. This lack of physical strength also restricts women from training in martial arts as opposed to men. A man is able to endure more as compared to a woman and thus men’s body can perform more than that of women (Rostoker-Gruber 49).


Men are superior as compared to women but this does not imply that they should be treated as property. The fact that women are inferior calls for men to take care of them i.e. men should treat women the same way they would take care of a little child. Women therefore should not be subjected to any form of abuse and men should ensure that they consider their interests before theirs.

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