Mining simply take down the trees and burn

Mining not done properly has a chance of releasing substances into soil, water, and air. Even though the government enforces rules to companies and use technology to reduce the damage, more mines are in countries with different levels. These are some examples are what that are mined; copper, tin, nickel, bauxite (aluminum ore), iron ore, gold, silver, and diamonds. As humans require so many things (phones),  for use in a variety of human activities. Humans who are putting their lives at risk for their activities which are putting animals lives at risk too but, they don’t care about them as they continue around the world. Contamination is one of the main or always the cause of ground or surface water to become harmful to fishes and other animals living in the water. Different types of mining that cause damage to different parts of the Earth are Open Pit Mining, Underground Mining, and Brine Mining.Open Pit Mining is when mineral or rocks are taken out of the Earth using an open pit. To make the pit, they simply take down the trees and burn plants in that area which are only just some that are done to that area. The problem is that the minerals or rocks found in the open pit, are in small amounts. Which means more mining is needed to get the amount needed but, the mining process is faster. Heavy machinery is the common way of making the mines. Which removes the soil and water. The pit which is made below groundwater makes a huge hole that contaminates the water. Open pit mining doesn’t kill many people as of accidents but, mining underground can cause a huge amount of deaths.Underground mining is taking out hard minerals that may have metals inside. Although,tunnel collapses and land subsidence are some major cons for the people inside. Underground mining can release a large amount of toxic compounds into the water and air. When the water gets harmful concentrations of minerals, it gets contaminated and that pollutes the region. While this is going on, there is an increase in sedimentation in rivers by the use of hydraulic pumps. Using the pumps. Removes valuable topsoil which is difficult for the vegetation. As it’s difficult for plants to grow back after topsoil being removed, plants in the water are dying without help.    Brine mining is the extraction of useful materials which are usually in the brine. The brine may be in different types of water such as seawater, groundwater, and other surface water. The extraction and evaporation from the solutions are to remove harmful compounds and elements which could go into our environments. The drilling part may open up the pipelines and disrupt ecosystems which lead to leaks in the pipe and contamination to our water bodies that are adjacent. When the contamination happens, there are no plans usually to clean up which can cause the death of fish and may stop plant growth in the water bodies. These effects are there even after a mine has been shut down. The pipe leakage can cause damage to the surface water, groundwater, and soil. Disrupting ecosystems can cause damage the surface water contamination.    Each type of mining can cause problems to wildlife. By mining, we can have all our smartphones, stoves, refrigerators and cars etc but, it takes away so many lives away. Mine explosions take human lives and contamination which also takes away wildlife lives. As the mines themselves are not helping to clean up as some mines have abandoned the sites after contamination in the water, Clean Up The Mines! Is an organization that’s helping.  This campaign is to clean up the thousands of abandoned mines in the US that produce radiation and heavy metals on the land, in the air and water. We can all help to try closing illegal mines or not supervised mines, start having rules and clean up the mines that have shut down. When someone dies from sickness, we all get sad and it may come on the news, but animals dying is something rare to cry about or hear on the news. Animals and the Earth are way more important than our belongings which means we should start caring!


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