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My long-term goal is to set up a Data-Driven Farming enterprise. This can be achieved only through strategic planning which includes aligning my short-term goals – to sustainably enhance and drive my family businesses based on Agriculture and Aquaculture, to get proficient in Decision Making using data and applying economic principles in diverse fields and businesses. I intend to increase my network globally through which I can learn and apply the acquired new skills to fulfill my goals.In a developing nation like India, where Agriculture is mainly a primary activity, decisions in agriculture are still based on experience and judgment but not on data. It is not equipped yet for something like Big Data in agriculture. Hit and trial method of sowing is in practice. Data-driven decisions can improve crop yield, manage risk, align to demand which were quite impossible to address a few years ago. Having wide access to farming industry through my family’s occupation, by acquiring required skillset, I will access the data in real-time from farms, analyze it effectively using various available software technologies to map information with respect to monsoon trends, frequency of fertilizers, quality of soil etc., This can be done effectively by collaborating with various government and private divisions such as meteorological department, department of agriculture/agronomy etc. My target short-term goal is to lead by example by starting this entire process with our own farms. By this, I wish to instigate the thought among fellow farmers of Andhra Pradesh to try implementing technology, data-based decision making in their farming which would guarantee a better yield. With today’s availability and usage of smartphones and technology, data gathering and campaigning about the importance of analytics wouldn’t be a major issue.  For this, the CORe Credential of Readiness program would add a great value by helping me to get an opportunity to share perspectives and draw insights from a global platform. Through Business Analytics, I will learn how to effectively analyze and interpret data. In addition to that, I will get introduced to Financial accounting which provides a methodological approach to describe the activities of any business. I get a chance to understand the issues of diverse organizations through case studies. Alongside a YIF cohort, HBX course platform would be a right launching pad for me to start interacting globally and learn how Analytics is being used to define successful agriculture practices in other leading nations across the world. 


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