My father’s black pride

One of the burning issues existing in contemporary society is the multiculturalism and cultural diversity that tends to be more overwhelming and largely spread among individuals of different national identities. When a person realizes the importance of traditions and customs of a certain nation, it seems to be less complicated to understand people who present this nation in the international arena.

Sometimes, people refuse to understand and respect others because of their habit to discriminate people who do not look, speak, or act like the ones they got used to see every day. In this case, people should learn the rules and traditions of other but should not forget their roots and their national identity, especially going abroad for study or work.

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People should not be hostile to strangers though strangers should be aware of at least the common rules established in a society they came to. Moreover, it is necessary to approach the problem of discrimination and reverse discrimination that become rather widely spread recently.

As discrimination is one of the ways to express aggression, disapproval, and dislike, people tend to use this method everywhere in terms of showing that they do not like the new neighbors or refuse to work under the guidance of a new manager. In addition, people that experience constant discrimination start searching for various ways to become alike with the ‘aggressors’. It is clear that adjustment is a positive feature while talking about changes and getting accustomed.

Nevertheless, people should not be ashamed of their identity, the color of their skin, and other features that make them the ones they really are. When people are proud of what they are, they can serve better for the development of the whole society regardless of the way they may be treated.

Traditions and individual peculiarities of people make them unique because all human beings are unique from the moment of their birth. One should not forget about the traditions established in his/her family; however, it is necessary to learn cultural features of other nations and ethnic groups. Pride is considered one of seven living sins though one can be proud of his/her identity in spite of other people’s claims and constant discrimination.

In addition, moral values should be similar to all people in terms of the basic rules existing in a society because people should live in accordance with laws of a state and moral principles of living that are kept by people and passed from one generation to another. When a person follows the same laws, this individual adjusts to the traditions of this country with the moral principles perspective.

To be friendly and to respect others is as important for every member of a society as to be proud of one’s color of skin. In that regard, people should be knowledgeable in the traditions and moral principles of their family and the group they belong to.

Moreover, people should learn certain traditions and beliefs that are common for people of other countries, especially the neighboring ones. In other words, people should be tolerant to others regardless of their own origin and the origin of those people because every person can find him/herself in an alien environment where this individual would be discriminated.

To conclude, hostility is not the best companion in the issues related to cultural diversity involving discrimination. However, knowledge can be used in every field because a person who knows that the color of skin makes no difference can establish normal relations, express tolerance, and cope with related problems.


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