Negative also be brought focus on is how

Negative attitudes directed towards aging adults that are demonstrated
by the use verbal and emotional abuse example. You forget they have feelings. Verbal
and emotional abuse example: this is demonstrated by Woody’s wife Kate Grant.

When Woody
returns home from the police station, his wife Kate has her first set of lines
in the film, and spoke saying “You dumb cluck.” The abuse intensifies
throughout the film with insults ranging from “son-of-a-b***h” to “stubborn as
a mule!” These comments made by Kate are directed towards Woody’s age or mental
state. For instance Kate claimed, “He’s useless,” States that the man has “has
lost his marbles,” and is consistently threaten to “put in a home.” This is
occurring while poor Woody sits there silently and appears like he has already
given up on defending himself.

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b.) Prejudice

This is displayed
in the movie by Protagonist Woody Grant and his adult son David Grant set off
on a road trip to claim father’s prize of million dollar lottery prize that
Woody insist that he won. The prize is to be claimed in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Woody received a letter in the mail claiming that he won a million. All that
was needed to was to call the number and maybe buy a magazine substitution.

Instead of ignoring the chain letter insist on traveling the miles to the head
quarters by foot to declare the prize.

c.) Common stereotypes

In the being in the filmed it shows the appearance of Woody, the typical
old man with white hair, limp, and a hunchback appearing as if he was lost
walking along side of the highway. One scene that can also be brought focus on
is how Woody reaches out to the sweepstakes letter that he lost (hand
tremblers) these are common thoughts that films seem to include as a classic
elder. With the movie ‘ Nebraska’ Woody’s character is not the classic senior
that is captured in other movies. At first glace Woody has the signs and looks,
conforms the stereotype of aging process.


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