Never find out their fault. If he is



Never ever think that the problem is you; it’s
actually him.


There is no perfect relationship and love is not a bed of roses either;
it is a roller coaster ride. The element that makes a relationship successful
is compromise. BE that as it may, there are men who breakdown every time a problem
arises in the relationship. They proclaim it “You’re crazy.”

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Ever wonder why men call women crazy? More often than not, the reason why
men call women crazy is that, they just want to avoid confrontation or women
disagree with them. Nonetheless, there are deeper reasons why men label their
women crazy, please read on.


Men want to crush your

In most cases, your immediate reaction to people who considers you crazy
is repugnance, and then you will start thinking what have you done to deserve
that label. Guys who want to overpower you use this tactic; simply because they
want to crush your self-esteem.

Once you lose confidence over yourself, you will be easily manipulated.
You will do anything he pleases. Gaining mastery over the art of manipulation
he can even let you feel guilty, why he called you crazy.

He doesn’t want to
tarnish his personality

Just because there are some men who hate to admit that they are wrong,
they will accuse you of wrongdoing so to exonerate themselves and you will not
find out their fault. If he is successful to influence your thoughts that you
are indeed crazy or mentally ill, he will easily evade the blame. It’s you who
are hysterical; for that, people will believe that you are not mentally sane.
So, don’t you ever dare believe it. Stick to your instincts and intuition.

He is irresponsible

There are times when a man noticed that something is wrong with the
relationship; he will start calling you insane or derange to make you look as
if you are at fault. He is doing this because he is irresponsible and he does
not want to take responsibility for what he did. If, he is able to instill into
your mind that you are crazy, and you believe that it is your fault; subsequently,
your judgment will be tainted.

He is Selfish

Sad as it may seem, but women if your man is making all the trouble to
disillusion you; then it is a manifestation that he doesn’t love you that much.
What is important to him is his own vested interest. All he wanted is to be in
control over your relationship. That is more imperative for him than your
relationship. Of course, you will never believe that; sad, but it is the truth.
So, ladies wake up!



5.       He’s trying to outsmart

There is plenty of power in words. If a man calls you Crazy
even just one, it will become an imprint into your personality. Needless to
say, when he has the guts to call you nuts then, believe me all of your
feelings and judgment will be tainted in the future. Take note if your man is
talking to his friends or your friends that you are delusional or deranged,
automatically they will believe him. People love juicy gossips, so be sure to
stop this name-calling before the situation gets worse

6.       Trying to keep you quiet

Telling anybody that you are mentally ill is one of the
simplest and most compelling methods to silence you. If, you believe it, then
you will hesitate to voice out your ideas as well as your emotions. Now if he succeeds
to persuade you that you are mentally ill; then the feeling of humiliation will
overpower you and thus forget to complain. This will be the best manipulation
to keep your mouth shut in the future.

7.       He wanted you to be submissive

The purpose of a man who is very manipulative is to dominate
you so that he could do whatever he wanted to do. He wants that everything will
go according to his will. By outwitting you and your feelings the only trustworthy
person in your relationship is him. If this happens, it is clear that his only
focus in your relationship is just him taking you out of the picture.

If you are a woman with conviction and smart, then never
give him get a chance to do that. Tell him the rules of a healthy and
successful relationship. If by chance he will protest, then better consider him




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