Noble cause corruption

Noble cause corruption entails actions which are considered bad according to societal ethics and illegal constitutionally; however, they are done with good or noble intentions. Law enforcing institutions are prone to committing noble cause corruption due to the nature and demands of the institution (Delattre 201). This is a threat to the profession considering the fact that such institutions uphold high ethical standards.

A policeman may stop a moving vehicle on a highway and obtain the drivers consent to search the car. Judging from past experience the driver or occupant of the vehicle has criminal records of drug dealing and it will be best if he/she is kept off the streets. After a thorough search the policeman finds nothing that could warrant his/her arrest. Since the policeman knows the driver/occupant of the vehicle is a threat to the society, he dramatically puts some illegal drugs on the car which will act as a basis for his/ her arrest.

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The policeman eventually arrests the driver/occupant of the vehicle with an intention of sending him/her back to the authorities. Though it is a violation of the constitution, in my perspective I consider this move by the policeman acceptable since the end is for betterment of our society. One may argue that it’s the policeman who should be arrested and not the occupant or diver of the vehicle.

A person can be kidnapped either for a ransom or for any other demanded benefit. In pursuit to this case a member of the kidnappers’ crew is arrested and admits having been involved in the kidnapping after an intensive interrogation (Delattre 201). I consider it acceptable even though it is a violation to the constitution, for the policemen to use force by inflicting pain on the kidnapper with an aim of locating where the kidnapped is held hostage.

It is constitutionally considered that after a specific arrest period the detainee is released with only pending case in court. A police who has arrested a serial killer and eventually putting him in custody may extend custody period with an aim of preventing him to continue his series of killings.

Though with the knowledge of the killer’s constitutional right they still proceed to extend custody period for the sake saving the community from such a serial killer. Though it is unconstitutional, it’s best for them to act in this manner since it’s safer for the community if such are behind bars.

An arrest justification may be issued for the apprehension of a drug dealer. On the way to the drug dealer’s apartment an envelope is seen falling from the apartment though not from the drug dealer’s house. After examination the police identifies beyond any reasonable doubt that the envelope consists of cocaine.

The police proceeds on by carrying out a thorough search but unsuccessfully not finding any hard evidence that could send the drug dealer behind bars. Considering their desperation to come out with the best of the situation, they intentionally drop the envelope in the drug dealer’s apartment and claim that it was found there so that it could act as a hard evidence for sending him to prison (Pollock, 265).

Though some of the noble cause corruption acts are to the best of the community, they are not performed within the provisions of the constitution thus they should be considered unacceptable (Delattre 202).

In my view it actually depends on the situation involved with an example of above mentioned kidnapping situation which I consider to be best acted upon by inflicting pain on the kidnapper if diplomacy had failed. This is because of the magnitude of the situation especially when the hostage’s life is under threat. Considering the fact that the end will justify the means actually in my view it all depends on the situation involved.

Work cited

Delattre, Edwin. Character and cops: ethics in policing. Washington D.C: American Enterprise Institute 2002 (4) 201-202


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