Nobody interviewed a hundred business leaders from different

Nobody can be authentic by
trying to imitate someone else. People look at you when you are authentic, not a
copy of someone else. Authentic leaders demonstrate a real passion for their
purpose, develop their values consistently, and conduct with their hearts as
well as their heads stablish long term, meaningful relationships and have the
self-discipline to get results. We can ask use how to become an authentic


Over the past 5 years,
leadership issues have emerged. We realized that we need to find the leader of
the 21st century. The author has conducted a long study on the development of
leadership in business. They interviewed a hundred business leaders from different
backgrounds to understand how today’s leaders are becoming and will remain true
leaders. The research has concluded that it is not necessary to be born with
particular characteristics or traits to steer. To date, anyone can be a genuine

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Authentic leaders stand out
because they learn from their experiences and not by being passive observers in
meetings for example or in conflicts with employees. These people take the time
to examine their experiences and think about them. This person grows with time
and develops a better self-awareness. But authentic leaders ask and listen to
honest feedback.


In addition, a business
leader, for example, can be perceived as a leader, and can generate short-term
results without being authentic, but authentic leadership is the only way to
generate long-term results.


About balancing your extrinsic
and intrinsic motivations, with a very high level of motivation and a vital
balance of life, authentic leaders better understand what motivates them in
their lives. There are therefore two types of extrinsic and intrinsic
motivations. Many leaders must reach higher and higher goals because of the
outside world of the 21st century. In addition, intrinsic motivations are
derived from their sense of life related to a person’s life story and how we
frame our lives. Intrinsic motivations are more consistent with human values
and are more satisfying than extrinsic motivations.


About building your support
team, business leaders can never succeed alone. They need collaborators not to
lose their way and their objectivities. Authentic leaders always receive
feedback from their teams with advice, answers. The leaders build their
networks, their experiences and have a more creative openness. Today, many
business leaders have had a mentor in their past lives.


To respond about the question, to become an authentic
chief, this person must have lived life stories in a way that is established
through his past. Authentic leaders act in the good sense of the word so that
they are guided by their internal efforts to reward. Many leaders spoke of
their proven motivation for a difficult experience. Authentic leaders
experience these formative experiences to make sense of their lives. This
allows them to overcome their challenges.


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