Nowadays, reading advertising messages and websites of the

Nowadays, technology plays an
important part in our lives considering that we are surrounded by it every day.
The increased use of social media by both businesses and customers made many
questions to be raised about the impact of social media on customer’s purchase
decisions. According to (Rockendorf 2011) since the social media hub, companies
begin to understand customer’s online behaviour and to gain insights on their
purchasing conduct. Furthermore, Evans and McKee, 2010 believes that it is for
those motives that allow the marketers to interact with the customer and to
maintain the brand’s presence in the online market.  Moreover, many companies adopted the strategy
on having strong presence on social media such as Facebook, Instagram,
LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or blogs. In fact, a study by public relation firm,
Burson-Marteller indicates that 86% out of 100 largest companies on the Fortune
500 list uses one media site, however 28% of them use all social platforms to
interact with their customers (Deepa and Deshmukh, 2013)


The development of social media has changed the way the
world functions giving faster means of communication. The emergent of social
media influenced the way people perform certain activities, behaviours and
practices and share information and experiences using “colloquial media”.
(Brake, 2009) According to (Nawaz, Atif and Rubab, 2015) “Colloquial or conversational media
are basically online based applications that have enabled to create and
transmit content in the form of words, pictures, videos and audios.”

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(Solomon, Rabolt, 2003) describes fashion as a driving force
that shapes the way we live our everyday lives ? it affects apparel,
hairstyles, art, food, cosmetics, cars, music, toys, furniture, and many other
things in people’s lives that are often taken for granted. Fashion is a very
important part of popular culture, which is constantly changing.


The fashion industry has grown significantly during recent
years and this is also linked to consumers’ changing buying habits in fashion.
Consumers are constantly becoming more conscious about fashion trends and they
want to keep themselves updated with the latest news. (D’Aveni, 2010).

 Consumers are making
buying choices constantly more and more based on the information that they find
on social media. In these days, people are not only reading advertising
messages and websites of the companies in order to find information, but using
also different online formats to share ideas, be part of online communities and
keep in touch with companies and other consumers. According to Kozinets (2010),
social media has a big effect on buying behaviour, as it is constantly seen
more as an objective information source and people trust more the information
that they find through social media platforms these days.

According to (Apparel Magazine, 2010) social media has
become one of the most popular tools which links the customers to the brands.
They believe that the link does not only increase sales but the purchase intent
as well as communication. This can be particularly helpful in projecting the
brand image into their consumer’s mind.


Furthermore, studies concluded that Young adults are
“power users of social media”. They consider their opinions important, don’t
hesitate in sharing it and engage with their favourite fashion brands through
the online platforms available. (Qualman, 2009) Moreover, according to “Young
Adult Revealed” a global survey that was carried out on “how much young adults
engage online with brands” on 12603 people from 18-14 years old among 26
countries resulted that 19% added brand related content to their homepage on
social sites and 28% talked about brands on dissection forum.


According to (DiMauro, 2011) the presence of social media
in the fashion industry in facilitating the development of “social fashion”
where expertise is applied to support art. (Oliver ,2008) believed that the
social media platforms have a wider reach to potential customers and has
brought fresh and innovative ways into online shopping experience this being a
potential “catalyst for additional profits”.


Many previous researches show that it is important to
evaluate the facts behind consumer’s purchase decisions in order to stay in
track in the ever-changing business world. According to Roesles (2015), social
media use is significant for all demographics, but there is still a large
variation among demographics – how much they are spending time online, how they
search for information and what kind of devices they own. As Roesles (2015)
states, the impacts of social media are not something that businesses can
overlook in order to be successful. 


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