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Observing the success of a person with a high level of intelligence, we are only occasionally surprised, because the presence of knowledge is already perceived as a personal quality, capable of helping in any endeavors.Certainly, a high level of knowledge helps to succeed , but even the “smartest” people can be losers in life without having other abilities. The fact is that intelligence is not the only factor of success, because in addition to brain activity, it is necessary to take into account a number of other features. What is not enough for people to succeed? Now let’s consider what is lacking for people with a high level of knowledge to succeed in life:1. Motivation. Whatever level of knowledge a person has, he will get something wrong if he does not stimulate his activity. To “force” yourself to perform actions, you will need to seriously work on motivation.It is impossible to imagine the exact process or object of motivation, each person is individual and must independently determine them. For someone it can be the approval and respect of others, while for others it will be the fulfillment of one’s own dream.2. Emotion. On the way to success there will be a lot of different barriers that one has to overcome one after another. Naturally, the presence of difficulties will affect the psychological state of a person, especially if the person is too emotional.Regardless of what is happening, you must remain “cold-blooded” otherwise, even having a high intelligence will not help you achieve the desired results.3. Confidence and perseverance. One of the most important qualities of a successful entrepreneur is perseverance and self-confidence. At once I would like to say that these are not innate qualities, but acquired ones. Absolutely everyone who does not possess these qualities need to develop their confidence, for it has already developed quite a few different techniques.4. Direction of labor. Very often it is possible to observe how smart and educated people are engaged in far from the work with which they could cope. Of course, to take a high-level position is not so easy without experience, but without attempting to apply for this job, the success will be much harder to achieve. All your skills and knowledge should be used to the maximum.5. Said – did. Many people with a high level of knowledge have the potential to achieve financial independence, but do not achieve the established goals simply because they do not do what they say. In the head you can scroll at least a million times your business, calculate profits, losses, evaluate productivity, etc., but without taking any steps, it will not work.6. Fears. Absolutely all people are afraid of something, including beginning entrepreneurs. The fear that nothing will turn out, fear of poverty and bankruptcy can be the main reason for refusing to take the first steps. With fears it is necessary to fight, what “terrible” they would not seem.This list can be continued indefinitely, including such items as excessive sympathy, wrong concentration of thoughts, not a competent view of things, overstated self-confidence and much more. To achieve your goals, you need to be not only smart , you will need to have many different qualities.


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