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The behavior of any organization depends on both the external and internal forces. The management of the organization should be keen on these forces to avoid the violation of the organization work ethics. The following are examples of the internal forces and how they affect the organization behavior (Miles & Snow, 2003).

Restructuring the organization has a great impact on the organization behavior; understanding the system of the organization and how it can be advanced contributes a lot to achieving the organizations objectives through good management and well informed employees. Restructuring the organization will lead to confusion especially among the employees, and will require a break for the staff to adapt to the new structure which is a wastage of company time and resources. Some serious organization restructuring will call for training of some employees, to make them understand better. Although restructuring may finally lead to improvement in organization performance, at the beginning may be costly and time consuming. The organizations should not be restructuring regularly but occasionally to control the costs. Organization mission is another internal force that has impacts on the organizational behavior. The mission of an organization is the core statement that explains the reason for its existence.

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The mission of Lia Sophia organization is “ to connect women to their dreams, from obtaining beautiful jewelry to empowering their financial futures”( Matt, 2007 Par.5 ). This mission is aimed at providing assistance to the advisors in matters concerning the organization ethics, obtaining high quality products, and becoming victorious.

The mission is a guide to the community in times of offering assistance to charities. This mission of Lia Sophia has been a guiding rule to the employees on how to serve the customers and achieve the organizations set goals. Fiscal policy is another internal force that has a great impact on the organization behavior. Fiscal policy involves government way of spending and has a great influence to the organization. These policies entail taxation system, interests’ rates, and the usage of money in government related activities so as to control the nation’s economy.

Lia Sophia organization has its own fiscal policies which impacts the organizational behavior depending on how conventional or hostile they are (Matt, 2007). For instance, the finance department of Lia Sophia can come up with its own fiscal policy on how to write off debts relative to a specific amount. The fiscal policies of an organization assists the concerned employees on how to deal with serious finance matters, to avoid the instances of an organization ending up by incurring losses. Competition is an external force that an organization can not avoid. For instance, Lia Sophia organization has other beautiful jewelry selling competitors. During the periods when Lia Sophia is encountering competition from other institutions, there is a great demand of a continuous modification and flexibility within the organization. Lia Sophia may be required to undertake training among the staffs to advance their skills so as to meet the demands of its customers (Miles & Snow, 2003).The flexibility within the organization will call for teamwork among the employees, better way of solving conflicts, and being dedicated to the key responsibilities.

Lia Sophia organization must provide goods of quality that satisfy the requirements of the customers. The requirements of customers increase as the tendency advances. Just as the demand of customers are increasing the Lia Sophia organizational behavior must develop and increase as well. More research concerning how to satisfy the customers demand should be done.

Globalization has resulted to the advancement of several factors that affects the organizational behavior. For instance, if there is advanced technology and dire need for interaction with other businesses, the behavior within the organization should also be adjusted to fit with the changes of globalization (Matt, 2007). Globalization has resulted to improved economy, and any organization should adjust its behaviors so as to fit with the prevailing conditions of the economy.

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