Organizational Trends

There is a major difference between traditional and high performance workplaces in various ways. Most of the high performance work places have several ways of adapting to the continuous changes in the commerce industry, whereby the traditional workplace ever remain stuck to those challenges. High performance institutions are seriously embedded within the advancement of technology and have been enjoying productive results of this advancement ( Schermerhorn, et al, 2005).

The operations of a high performance business are much more effective than that of a traditional organization. The effectiveness is enhanced by quick implementation, application of effective operational models, and effective types of approaches to eliminate stress in the working places and appropriate recruitment processes and reliable decisions of placement. Moreover, there are thriving business development practices in high performance organizations.

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For any organization to manage stress effectively, it should first of all determine its causes. Stress can either be from the working environment or from the other social life. The causes of stress in the working place may be from the employer, employees or from the tasks themselves ( Schermerhorn, et al, 2005).

High performance organizations have tools and facilities that can be used to deal with the stressed personnel that the traditional organizations may lack. There is a high possibility of stressed employees in the traditional organizations as they may be taking it as a normal routine for employees.

The dynamism of an organization is the rate at which changes are made within the business environment and it mostly depends on the internal factors. If an organization is a high performer, this implies that it has measures of realizing the areas that need change, and how to achieve that change.

Tools, facilities, labor, and capital to facilitate the process of changing things are available in high performing firms. In traditional organizations, may require some changes but implementation of the process may be a challenge to the management and the organization as a whole (Schermerhorn, et al, 2005). To some of the traditional organizations, it has been realized as a big problem to realize where changes are required and they end up remaining static for a long duration of time.


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