Peace one or several of his subordinates,

Peace is an element that majority of people live to pursue either consciously or unconsciously. Ironically a great percent of peace seekers are the one that do it unknowingly. One will ask why this is so. Well, I will consider this a vital question and embark to say that our daily struggles are meant to make us, our family, our career as well as our interactions meaningful and fulfilling.

More than not, either individually or in a group, people do things that will bring out good feelings to them after the action. By putting aside issues concerning revenge, people indulge into behaviors that will live their conditions better than they were before. What else will this be if not peace seeking? In other words at any given moment, any country, group or an individual will wish to be in a situation where there is no any pressure force or any influential foreign aspects which dictate the situation that the subject is in. An individual will look forward to being comfortable doing his daily chores, interactions as well as his undertakings. A group- including; family, workmates as well as other partnered involvement, will strive to achieve corporation, unity, agreement as well as role distribution which together sums up to peace moreover, the nation will look forward to maintaining order both within and without its borders, good relationship with other nations as well as between the existing ethnic groups within that country. This shows that what the nation is doing in ensuring that peace is maintained. Many individuals do not comprehend what their situation influences the environment they are based in.

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For instance, psychologists have proven that more than three quarter of the undertakings carried out by frustrated persons will always have negative results or will have elements of inefficiency within them. This is as a result of disturbed minds during decision making, judging as well as reasoning which instead of being objective oriented they tend to be diverted towards emotional reactions. As a result, the main aim of undertaking the act is altered affecting the outcomes intended. However, the subject involved in most cases never realize that their internal instability is the determinant of the external imperfection and more than not they blame nature or they view the whole thing as fate.

The same psychologist argument says that whenever a person’s mind is in a stable condition, the outside forces have very little impact on the results of the individual’s activity. Any imperfection may be attributed to the lack of knowledge concerning the subject matter or technical complexity, but the outcome will show lack of total involvement of the individual. An example concerning this situation is the exam or an interview environment.

An individual disturbed by other factors rather than either of those, which he is undertaking, will always be expect to give less than his potential capacity. On the other side, any groups of two or more individuals will unlikely meet their objectives if anything that affects their bond strength negatively exists in the environment. For instance, attitude and enthusiasm are two things that are known to be contagious within a corporate environment. Any negative attitude towards the set goals from an individual, due to their negative perception concerning the goal or towards their superiors will create a hurdle to their enthusiasm which will like a bush fire, spreads to the rest of their mates.

For example, tensions between the superior with one or several of his subordinates, between a parent and one of the kids will more likely lead to tension inside that whole group involved, affecting the whole function of the team. In order to tackle this problem majority of supervisors have realized that the environment under which their subordinates work in determines how effective they will contribute to the realization of the set targets. What the employees feel about their work, how they are treated by their superior as well as how their working terms and conditions agree with their set expectations determines how comfortable they feel being in that environment. Where the conditions are peaceful, higher performance is realized and vice versa. Interaction between the parties is positively enhanced where peace prevails and as a result the set goals are easily and freely met. This also applies to the nation in general, in a country where peace is scarcely experienced; eruption of deviance behaviors is rampant and unexpected. If the government is in conflict with the citizen organizations, political parties in turmoil as well the ethnic groups are in a deflated interrelation, the development of the whole nation as a whole is negatively affected. This is greatly contributed by the suspicion from either party concerning the plans by others to curtail their independence or liberties.

However, a nation at peace will enhance a strong bond of relation within different parties a contribution of togetherness and development. It is ironical that many nations consider fame and intimidating other nations more important than establishing peace between themselves. Believe in dominance has contributed in many nations substituting peace with invasion and intimidation towards others in order to acquire identity and power. However change in perception concerning ways of relation will eradicate attacks and enemity with inclusion of development. Peace has always been associated with other elements in life and its acquisition has been based on these elements. There are people who relate peace with success in education, career and financial well being among others while others inter-marry peace with acquisition of power and control over others, which will relate peace with happiness. These among other entities have conformed peoples’ minds in the way they view and propagate peace within their environment. The question is, is peace really related to these elements? If I agree with and analyze these elements by relating them to how people live, how their conditions are as well as how the nature has dictated their life style, I will tend to agree with my perception that more than 75% of people live without peace among them at all.

Many people are always in the struggle to attain power day in day out. Critically, those who manage to attain power at one level are more motivated to move to the next level of power. This means that at any given time a person in power will be defining his success in that field as obtaining the next level of power. Therefore, the individual will always be on the move to attain power at the expense of the peace.

Nonetheless, on attaining the power, the individual realizes that the responsibilities associated with it are more demanding which might take away the peace intended with them. It is true that if you do not exercise contentment with the little you have it will be hard to have it when you have more. In addition, power position is always associated with aggressive competition which entails practical actions to attain the position. Therefore while in power, fear of losing the position, being attacked or meeting the peoples expectations will always substitute the moments of peace expected. On the other hand, associating peace with success might not clearly reflect the total truth.

Any success is always accompanied by joy and cerebrations. This will always bring to the involved party good moment which can give him peace by obtaining what he has been pursuing. Nevertheless, not always will success bring peace to the person involved. If one is not at peace within the environment he is currently in, the probability that in the other level of success he will still lack peace is high.

It might be financial, job promotions, education among other, but as the saying goes, “show me the man who cannot be trusted with little and I will show you a person who cannot be trusted with more” which agrees with this situation. If you forfeit peace because of a waited success, the same shall you do in the next level of success. Quite a number of people associate peace with happiness. They tend to argue that happy moments will always bring peace, contrary to what I may consider to be the truth. Peace can always bring happiness but happiness cannot always bring peace. The reason for this is that happiness is mostly externally based brought about by the occurrences in the environment. These are the same environments that will more likely change, altering the aspect that first brought peace. For instance, during elections, there is always joy towards success of a candidate.

However, conflict due to fraudulent ways used to win the election, denial of defeat to the losing party as well as the supporters will likely affect the peaceful condition in that environment. This is unlikely to happen when peaceful campaigns, elections, accurate announcements and measures to ensure peace are employed. Both peace to all, though not happiness to all will be experienced. Any peaceful country, group or individual, will more likely portray happy lifestyle and positive attitude in whatever activities that are undertaken within the party’s environment. For instance, the country with a peaceful environment will enable both growth and development of economic, social and academic sector at a higher rate creating positive perspectives to the individuals involved.

In addition, good relationship within ethnic group will always result to happy societies as fear and suspicion are put behind. behind. This will also enhance a good interaction with political parties, social groups as well as among nations. Good communication between departments and individuals, positive outcome and responses will also be experienced. In individual level, concentration, rich performances determination as well as happiness will account for peace. Generally, outstanding performances and expected results will show the availability of peace and most likely, their absence will show lack of it. Therefore, it is very necessary to have positive perceptions, pertaining to what it entails and the importance of having peace both within the party involved as well as between the parties.

More importantly, instead of striving to attain peace as a group, it is important to emphasis on individual peace cultivation. This is so because an individual at peace will result to peace in the group associated which will expand to national level peace attainment. Therefore, it is important to understand that from within, that without peace it is determined. It is hard to be a peace mediator of peace where one lacks internal peace.

To be at peace is not brought about by being the leading nation in security measures, economically among other, that peace is a self determined element and without will to attain it, it can never be. Poor perceptions concerning the relationship of peace with personal attributes only limit one’s development and happiness (“self confinement” as commonly known). In addition, being feared by one’s subordinates, spouse or kids, by other ethnic groups or other nations does not necessarily bring peace to an individual, but what brings peace is the willingness to pursue it, establish and sustain it between oneself and with others.


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