es, China for individual events. Fifty-six of these

es, races and backgrounds occupy their time and gain physical fitness through games and activities referred to as sports. From professional leagues around the world, school sports, and neighborhood games, fun and strategy come together to form a worldwide phenomenon that has come to be loved. Whether your watching them or participating in them, sports have touched a part of everyone’s lives.Since the development of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the development of its sports has progressed with the country.

Over four hundred million Chinese people take part in physical activities regularly. Not only the group sports, but the competitive sports too. Since 1949, five hundred and sixty sports facilities of all kinds have been constructed to satiate the needs of the growing sports industry in China.

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Over four hundred existing associations exist today in China for individual events. Fifty-six of these associations have been put in the hands of management individuals. The others are owned by the nation itself. Also, fourteen administrative headquarters for the sports have been built to house the Chinese sports (Chinese Olympic Committee).Rong Guotuan was the first Chinese man in history to win a gold medal in the men’s single’s table tennis event in the 1959 Olympics.

He was also the only man in Chinese history to be a world champion. Since Rong Guotuan, the Chinese have won nine hundred and fifty-six world titles and set over eight hundred world records. Some of the more preferred sports in Communist China consist of table tennis, basketball, soccer, and golf (Chinese Olympic Committee). Also the people of China Participate in the traditional sports. These sports include Wushu and Qigong. Both of these sports combine mental and physical power to complete a task.

They both also work in promoting one’s physical fitness. Not only traditional oriental sports increase fitness, many modern sports do also. One such sport is practiced in Brazil as well as all over the world.The preeminent sport exercised and cherished by the Brazilian population is the sport of soccer or Futbol.

The people of Brazil are devout soccer fans. It is a national pastime. Soccer is more than a game, and it is often forgotten what the goal of the game is. The spectators become so enraptured by the game that they sometimes can become riotous and people have even been injured, while only watching the game. It is thought to have been brought to South America but the Dutch in the nineteenth century, but this is one of a few theories (Dani.Danial). The heroes of this sport are called “craques” in Brazil, or in Spain and England “cracks”. The word “craque” refers to “the best of the best”.

In America, we merely refer to them as superstars (Pavan).Other sports found to be practiced by the Brazilians are Surfing and Deep Sea Diving. Brazil has over one thousand kilometers of clear unadulterated beaches along it’s shore. This makes the conditions perfect for the sport of surfing to be prominent. The Bahia coast is the most pleasing to even the most demanding surfers. The water along this coast is home to many spectacular creatures, such as humpback whales and sea turtles (Pavan). These creatures aren’t alone.

Also in the waters along the Brazilian coast are millions of tropical fish that make this area exemplary for divers. This is also a sport practiced in Brazil. There are many clubs throughout the country that support divers and even fund some expeditions. Many of these clubs even offer safety courses in the sport of diving. They also keep them updated in environmental awareness to keep the waters clean and healthy (Pavan). Also having a large quantity of coastal area is England, which is known for its “gentleman sports” such as cricket and polo, not diving and futbol.

It is also known for the brutal game of rugby which is like American football, but without all of the padding and protective equipment. Cricket is said to have originated as a major sport in England as early as the seventeen hundreds. It is also said to have been played back as far as thirteen hundred. In 1744, the first set


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