Personal shopper


Personal shopping is a process through which people are assisted in making purchases through advices and recommendations (Henricks). Though they may be focused on clothing apparels, other personal shoppers, also referred to as sales assistants, diversify their claim to furniture stores (Houston, pp. 114-115).

Self-employed secret shoppers would normally see a buyer in purchasing any element of choice. A personal buyer’s functions range from updating the user what is in practice, to edifying them on appropriate wardrobes. These individuals are better equipped in information related to color coordination and what to embellish in the various seasons.

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Hiring a personal shopper

While hiring a personal shopper, clothes stores need to look into their qualities requisite to increase sales. They should have some expertise in putting things together, choosing color, and understanding how different cultures and generations get their investment decisions (Houston, pp. 114). One should be able to evaluate the character of clients and see what influences their range of products.

This area is relatively small, with fewer people willing to engage in it compared to more specialized courses. Coaching is administered in class, but the best experience is offered in the field. Training with an established assistant is another better way to gain fluency. A personal shopper who has attended seminars and updating courses is preferred to the average assistant (Houston, pp. 114).

The shopper may be paid either through cuts per sale or an unvarying month-end package. How diverse they are, and whether they can multitask, are crucial to know before engaging one’s services. Personal punters do not need recognized edification; they typically rely on experience, which is a critical component in recruitment (Henricks). Smaller organizations would hire a sales representative before converting them to a private shopper arrangement.

There are other elements to be considered before promoting or directly hiring a sales man. They must posses a propensity for style, an immaculate analysis for aspect, and communication proficiency. Recruiting one affiliated to other retail stores can also be advantageous in order to gain experience, increasing the institutions competitiveness.

Fulltime assistant shoppers earn slightly over $40000 per year. Those who are self employed expect a cut of what is spent, while others are paid at an hourly rate. Those who are more sophisticated and reputable serve exclusive clients who may pay them around $1000 per session (Houston, pp. 114).

Benefits of a personal shopper

The flexibility of services offered by these individuals make them relevant for any store intending to make an upbeat statement. Their benefits range from the services they offer both in and out the stores. Some consultants are hired by clients to get them on shopping outings, while other customers want to have their products delivered at home or in their offices for discretion.

There are clients who may see their shopping needs, but are too busy to better their preferences. There are business events, which may require casual dressing, and retaining the demeanor required in front of the employer proves challenging for some clients. The incident may also be abrupt and hence may discourage individuals. An experienced personal shopper is thus required to help the user in a time-saving process in order to look practiced and polished (Henricks).

The sales of such businesses remarkably increase, judging by the response of material owners. The head of an upcoming shopping specialty remarked, “When I started my business, the first step was to get an assistant who acts both as a personal shopper and a consultant.

It was expensive at first, but his value in helping consumers make shopping needs earned their loyalty in our organization hence I am able to make future projections for my business.’’ Their benefits were further emphasized by another retailer. “Most clients want to stay within their budgets and thus are scared of spending. They not only assist customers to my store, but also offer advice on which products to stock and their consumer-friendly prices.”

Implementation of such services in fashion stores like Jacobs, which serve a wider variety of clients contrasting other luxury stores, is positive. Personal shoppers are commonly associated with rich individuals who live lavish lifestyles (Herald and Jessiman). Every buyer has at once faced shopping problems. A customer interviewed agreed to this view. “I am usually intimidated by the selection of some stores and the demoralizing price tags accustomed to such products.

I therefore stopped visiting some stores and made purchases in neighborhood shops. After advice from a friend to consult a personal shopper, my shopping experience became easier. I was informed that all stores, notwithstanding the accompanying price tags of their products, satisfied individual needs at all prices, and it is necessary to obtain an assistant to help locate these products.”


The experience provides several challenges, just like any other job, including dealing with finicky clients and justifying their prices (Henricks). Without proper information on the products, a client may make an expensive purchase and then have regrets. The server would thus cover the responsibility for recommendation made, and even destroy their reputation.

Some clients expect their shoppers to be available whenever they need them even though they may end up not purchasing anything. However, their help in making shopping easier and time-saving cannot be ignored (Houston, pp. 114-115).

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