Physical asked. Alcohol and Drugs assesses different kinds

Physical aims to estimate the overall health status and note any
particular chronic health problems. It identifies selected health problems
related to substance use and sexual behavior. Hospital and doctor visits and
use of medication are inventoried. 

School and work determines the current school or employment status. The
checklist assesses any particular school and work related problems associated
with classroom performance, adjustment to the school or work situation, attendance
and motivation. Participation in other educational, training or structured
programs for clients not enrolled in regular school are determined. 

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Social aims to assess current interests, social activities and peer
relationships, with particular attention to substance-use, anti-social, and
criminal related behaviors. It determines the lack of social interaction,
social withdrawal and peer-group victimization. The social area also aims to
determine high risk sexual behaviors.

Family assesses serious problems (alcohol, psychiatric etc) or handicaps
of the parents and siblings. It gives information about current inter-family
relationships. It screens for emotional physical and sexual abuse of the
client. The area identifies selected negative household roles and behaviors of
the adolescent client. 

Psychology assesses current and past experience with
emotional/psychological treatment services. Psychological heath is assessed by
responses to a checklist of 16 current psychological problems and by responses
to a list of 10 relatively more serious symptoms, psychiatric conditions and
behavior patterns. 

Criminality concerns problems with the law and criminal behavior. It
inventories current problem status with police and courts. The checklist asks
about 16 different offences, including 7 violent offences. Of every activity,
age of debut and frequency the last three months are asked. 

Alcohol and Drugs assesses different kinds of substance use/abuse and
addiction by eliciting age of first use, frequency of use and duration of use
for 13 different substances, including alcohol and tobacco.  Symptoms of addiction and risk behavior are
inventoried as is former treatment for substance abuse.


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