Robin Hood has a lot of stories but none of them would be complete without
his merry men. Some of his merry men were: Little John, Maid Marian, Will
Stutely, Tricket (Robins Dog.), Allan’a’Dale, Richard the Lion heart,
Little John was Robin Hoods right hand man. He was almost as good at
archery as Robin Hood. Almost. Although his name says otherwise little
john was actually very tall, he was strong an intelligent. Like Robin Hood
Little John had a number of different names.

There is a poem that was supposed to have been written bye Little John:
“Thre tymes Litell Johnn shet aboute,
And alwey he slet the wande;
The proude sherif of Notingham
By the markes can stande.

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The sherif swore a full greate othe:
‘By hym that dyede on a tre,
This man is the best arschere
That ever yet saw we.'”
“Excuse the spelling mistakes I have taken the poem from the net”
reading the poem correctly would say that Little John was Actually better
archer than Robin Hood himself.

Maid Marian was Robin Hoods love and sweetheart. The facts about her are
great as well. It is said that robin hood fell in love with her but then
others say that he rescued her later on in life. Some stories say that
Mareian was fantastic with her swords, and others that she was a weak maid
of even a pagan priestess. But now people usually believe that woman have
always been as good as men in any skill. This is not true however because
woman were not allowed in the military, especially in the middle ages.

Their fighting role came out only when men called for it, like when they
had to defend the castles. Anyway the important case is that robin hood and
maid marian were madly in love. The way they felt is illustrated in this
reading below:
“Robin Wood lay happily with his head in Marian’s
lap. She sat between the roots of the lime tree,
clad in a one-piece smock of green girded with a
quiver of arrows, and her feet and arms were bare.

She had let down the brown shining waterfall of her
hair, which was usually kept braided in pigtails
for convenience in hunting and cookery, and with
the falling waves of this she framed his head. She
was singing a duet with him softly, and tickling the
end of his nose with the fine hairs…”
Those two characters were the main characters in the story!:D
Robin Hood was a legend in may ways. It is said that he was also existent
in the 13th century and the 14th century. It is also said that Robin Hood
was actually a number of different. Some people that investigated the whole
Robin Hood story discovered that he actually never lived in Nottingham or
Sherwood forest but in Barnsdale in Yorkshire. Yorkshire is about 30 miles
away from Sherwood forest and Nottingham.

Robin Hoods name was given to a lot of outlaws that day and age. So if you
were put in prison you automatically marked as Robin Hood. I don’t know
about them but I would have loved to be named after some one so skilful and
caring and great at what he does!
In actual fact when the stories say that Robin Hood fought on behalf of
king Edward it was not basically true. You see king Edward (I, II, III) was
way after that time, to make the stories true king Richard would have been
the king. If it was king Edward Robin Hood would have been in the year 1272
to 1377 placing him before 1190.

Some people think that his name was forged from robber and hoodlum. In
those days thieves were called Robertesmen.


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