Political Science Concepts

Security has always been a matter of concern in the country. It is commonly understood as a state of how someone/something is free from danger and anxiety.

Though USA had made a crucial step and was about to regain its strength in terms of defense, Ronald Reagan insisted that much was yet to be achieved for the sake of citizen’s safety. In the year 1985, there were several plane hijacks experienced in different countries such as Columbia, US, Malta and Italy.

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In political terms, it meant calamity to Reagan’s administration since it failed to maintain security consequently breaking promises. Even though it impacted negatively on the president and his administration, it also created an opportunity to improve security and win the citizen’s trust. The event was an opportunity for opposition leaders to criticize the administration for perceived political gains.

As part of Reagan’s introductory address, he mentioned the urge for minimizing expenses on state security. This could be achieved by holding tranquility talks with the Soviet Union. Negotiations carried out aimed at inclusive disarmament of nuclear weapons (Infoplease, 2009). Such an achievement will not only mean security achievements in USA but also to the world.

As a matter of certainty from danger of nuclear attacks, Reagan confirmed his approval for research intended to create a security guard capable of destroying a missile before meeting its target. As added by Barrack Obama in his inaugural speech, he remained optimistic on an endless approach in the fight against nuclear weapon. This will make Americans live without threats of insecurity. He further declared combat on terrorists who carry their activities at the expense of people’s life.

In light of an awful racist history, Americans were experiencing a transition illustrated by equal opportunities for everyone. This was noted in 2009 when Barrack Obama assumed the role of president. In political terms, it was an opportunity to test whether a black president would offer good leadership in curbing insecurity issues.

As a way of surrendering arms, disarmament is the act of eradicating weapons. Reagan’s approach to disarmament was nonviolent and a less expensive one. This is evident in holding peace meetings with the Soviet Union aimed at not only minimizing nuclear weaponry but also completely eliminating them (Infoplease, 2009). According to Jimmy Carter, the world was full with armaments as evident in the emergence of lethal weapons among potential enemies.

He argued that the approach that would limit weaponry was to let intelligence and patient prevail when handling such a sensitive matter. In 1977, a concurrence to reduce nuclear armaments was signed between US and Russia. This was an attainment by Jimmy Carter, a situation that gave him an edge over his political opponents. At the expense of his opponents, he won people’s confidence that was a boost to his presidency and government.

Defense is the level of fortification put in place against danger. George Bush was exceptionally sensitive to defense matters; he affirmed a strong position that would uphold defense especially against attacks. He insisted on creating a defense with minimal limits.

His approach meant more money will be injected on security so as to improve various defense aspects such as military, protection machineries and technology. USA experienced one of the most horrible radical attacks in 2001 that resulted in a different political thinking. It meant that Bush’s government had failed to preserve the country with opposition leaders using the opportunity to criticize and convince the public thus gaining their trust.


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