PowerArchiver 2001 version 7.02

pooCopyright(c) 1999-2001 ConeXware, Inc.

All Rights Reserved
Forabrief description of PowerArchiver, see thefile

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For a list of changes in this version, see the file WHATSNEW.TXT.

For ordering information, see the file ORDER.TXT.

************************** Installation *************************
If you received this version of PowerArchiver on a floppy
disk please follow the instructions on the disk label to
install PowerArchiver.

If you received this version of PowerArchiver in a EXE file
format (POWARC70.EXE), you can install it as follows:
1. Select “Run” from the Taskbar Start menu
2. Type the full name of the file (for example,C:POWARC70.EXE)
3. Press the Enter key, and follow the prompts
************************** DISCLAIMER ***************************
This software is provided “as is” and is without warranty of
any kind. The author of this software does not warrant,
guarantee or make any representations regarding the use or
results of use of this software in terms of reliability,
accuracy or fitness for purpose. You assume the entire
risk of direct or indirect, consequential or inconsequential
results from the correct or incorrect usage of this software
even if the author has been informed of the possibilities
of such damage. Neither the author nor anybody connected
to this software in any way can assume any responsibility.

For more information see LICENSE.TXT.

************************* Requirements *************************
* Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows
2000, Windows XP or later
* for using PowerArchiver Help you must have “Microsoft Html
Help Update”
* also on some Windows 98 system, PowerArchiver may have some
problems if you have old RichEdit libraries. So youneed
to update them.

Those two updates are available at PowerArchiver’s homepage.

************************* Documentation ************************
For full documentation (help) press the F1 key at main
PowerArchiver window.

************************* List Of Files ************************
The PowerArchiver v7.02 packageconsists of the following
CABINET .DLLDLL required for working with CAB Archives
POWERARC.TXTProduct overview
POWERARC.CHMPowerArchiver help file
POWERARC.EXEPowerArchiver main program
PASHLEXT.DLLPowerArchiver Shell Extensions DLL
FILE_ID .DIZPowerArchiver description for FTP sites
LIBBZ2 .DLLDLL required for extracting/creating BZIP2
compressed files
LICENSE .TXTLicense agreement/warranty disclaimer
ORDER.TXTOrdering information
README .TXTIntroductory information
REGFILES.EXEAssociates all files unassociated archives with
PowerArchiver — needed by PA installation
TUTOR1 .ZIPPowerArchiver tutorial program
UNACEV2 .DLLDLL required for extracting ACE Archives
UNINST .EXEUnInstallation program
UNRAR.DLLDLL required for extracting RAR Archives
UNZDLL .DLLDLL required for unzipping
VENDOR .TXTInformation for Shareware Distributors
WHATSNEW.TXTList of changes in this version
ZIPDLL .DLLDLL required for zipping
“Visit PowerArchiver’s Home Page.url”
PAACE.ICOIcon for ACE archives
PAARC.ICOIcon for ARC archives
PAARJ.ICOIcon for ARJ archives
PABH.ICOIcon for BlakHole archives
PABZIP .ICOIcon for BZIP2 compressed files (.BZ, .BZ2, .TBZ,
PACAB.ICOIcon for CAB archives
PAENC.ICOIcon for encoded files (.XXE, .UUE)
EXE.ICOIcon for EXE files
PAGZIP .ICOIcon for GZIP compressed files (.GZ, .TGZ, .Z, .TAZ)
PAJAR.ICOIcon for JavaARchiver archives
PALHA.ICOIcon for LHA archives (.LHA, .LZH)
PA.ICOPowerArchiver Icon File
PARAR.ICOIcon for RAR archives
README .ICOIcon for Readme.* files
PATAR.ICOIcon for TAR archives
PAZIP.ICOIcon for ZIP archives
PAZOO.ICOIcon for ZOO archives
BLUE.BMPToolbar skin
GOLD.BMPToolbar skin
LOCKER .BMPToolbar skin
MATT.BMPToolbar skin
EXPLORER.BMPToolbar skin
POWERARC.BMPToolbar skin (default)
PARCSE .DATPowerArchiver Self Extracting File
PABHSFX .DATSFX stub for BH archives
PAACESFX.DATSFX stub for ACE archives
PAARJSFX.DATSFX stub for ARJ archives
PALHASFX.DATSFX stub for LHA archives
PARARSFX.DATSFX stub for RAR archives
If you did not receive all these files please contact
me via electronic mail to emailprotected
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