Introduction product which gives each an advantage over


The past one year has seen FRESH Company become seriously dedicated to laying solid business foundation in readiness to rolling out its new product line.

This marks the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s broad based marketing as well as sales of its juice products.

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Promotional Campaign Strategy

The company’s promotional campaigns should include its profile in all the marketing strategies that it adopts. The company’s operating philosophy is very important in attracting the attention of potential customers to the company and to purchase the company’s old and new products. The company’s history is also very important in informing the customers of the company’s pre-existence and pre-operations as well as its products. The history should include highlights of the company’s products that have been in the market and should outline the special campaign programs that it had done previously. The previous promotional campaigns should mention those activities that have impacted on the lives of the community and individuals in the community such as sponsorships, monetary rewards among others. The promotional campaigns should mention the company’s continued growth in providing quality and standardized goods as well as the latest developments in its production capability that has allowed it to come up with the new product line (Baack & Clow 9). Advertisements that are targeted at creating awareness to the public on the company’s new product line should outline the unique qualities of each product which gives each an advantage over those that are already in the market.

In the promotional campaigns, the company should adopt a marketing strategy that ensures that the public familiarizes with the company’s new brand, TAKE, as well as the specific products offered under the new brand, which are the orange juice, apple, blueberry and peach. The unique features should outline the advantages that pregnant women, young mothers, athletes, population above the age of 35, as well as the urban young population of age 20-24 would obtain from each of the new products or all of them. It should mention the unique ingredients or qualities which make the TAKE brand have greater health advantages as compared to those that already exist in the market. The new line of products should have been developed to improve the company’s current products in the market as well as to bridge the quality and health gaps created by the present similar products in the market offered by other companies. The new line of products is therefore designed to reduce the health risks that are associated with current products which are presented to the public by other companies (Baack and Clow 8). Advertisements on the new line of products should utilize both the traditional and the modern advertisement methods; and these should include newspapers, radio, television and the internet. Advertisements through television, internet and the newspapers should present real people and pictures of pregnant women, young mothers, athletes, population above the age of 35, and the urban young population of age 20-24 with the representative of each demographic group advertizing the unique features and advantages associated with the new products.

The features should encompasses a wide range of the quality, health as well as the prestige gaps that are missing in the current similar products offered by other companies. This would create more brand awareness as well as greater attention to the new line of products (Baack & Clow 10). FRESH Company has to consider the use of integrated marketing communication so as to create more awareness on the company’s brands and product goods. The internet should provide more reliable means that would enable the company carry out promotional campaigns while at the same time giving it the opportunity to acquire vital information about the characteristics and demographics of its customers. This would help increase the company’s relationship with its customers as it would give them the chance to have direct communication between the management and the customers. Positive customer relationship created through integrated marketing communication would help establish customer loyalty to the company’s brands.

The internet would also give customers the opportunity to explore all the brands and the product goods offered by FRESH Company. This would help create awareness of the company’s products while giving the customers the opportunity to choose from the wide range of products offered in different brands. The company should be able to use the internet to carry out surveys to determine the performance of its new line of products and its old brands as well as the overall performance of the company as viewed by the general public. This would enable the company evaluate its performance from the customers perspective and be able to understand whether the marketing strategies put in place are effective or not (Kumar 9).


Promotional campaigns for the new line of products offered by FRESH Company should focus on enabling customers understand that the company offering the TAKE brand has been in existence and that some of the products that they buy and use are from the company. It should employ an integrated marketing communication to enable the company achieve better customer relationship as well as customer loyalty.

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