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Racial profiling is an act that goes against our constitution and the right for freedom of religion.In America, “every person is innocent until proven guilty” and when law officials assess people as threats without proof, they are in violation with the constitution(“Is Racial”). Secondly, racial profiling identifies certain religions as dangerous even when majority haven’t committed crimes.Muslims and other religions perceive they don’t have the same respect and mutual relationship with law enforcements since most are against them.According to the American Civil Liberties Union, “the FBI maintains tens of thousands “official” and unofficial” spies and informants, many who are trained with infiltrating the Muslim community.” A wide group of people are fearful since they don’t have anyone to turn to because even officers find them as a threat to society. “Racial profiling practices… undermine our nation’s commitment to religious freedom and equal protection under the law”(Badger).All in all, racial profiling is an immoral act which needs to be abolished. Racial profiling invades one’s privacy without law enforcements having a motive.Officers have violated manys privacy when “installing videotape equipment on telephone poles outside mosques to capture worshippers license plate.(Hanley).These are extreme measures for a crime that hasn’t been done.Muslims are not only being targeted at their place of worship but also “businesses including cafes in Muslim neighborhoods”(Hanley). With nowhere to freely discuss without being charged for a crime, it’s almost as if they were already criminals. In addition, the FBI ask a series of questions dealing with sensitive topics including “how many times do you pray? And expect patriotic answers to… what is your view on the Iraq war”(Hanley). Digging into personal and irrelevant topics have had no proven benefits in crime rates.Therefore, interrogating one’s personal belief is not useful but only offensive and should not be permitted. One might argue that “the common denominator among these attackers are muslim,” however not everyone practicing these religions have taken part in these crimes (” Is Racial”). When using racial profiling, officers are acting as if everyone associated with this specific belief are felons. Targeting a certain religion, although responsible for most crimes is unfairly “blaming an entire community because a few among them have committed horrible crimes”(“Is Racial”).As of now, the only solution to not being a victim is to either deny or change one’s belief. With the ability to freely practices a religion, these shouldn’t have be the results.Furthermore, racial profiling violates the right for freedom of religion and inaccurately charges many for misconduct. Racial profiling makes a false generalization about innocent citizens. Judging one as dangerous is a misdemeanor and falsely blames law-abiding people.Performing this act has had no proven benefits and just steals from one, their unalienable rights, Ultimately, racial profiling violates the constitution and intrudes on privacy, which must be banned.


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