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In the current world, art has become quite essential because it is believed to unite different cultures. Due to this factor, many artists have emerged in order to exploit and promote art. This paper will discuss some of these artist and their contributions to the world of art.

Margaret Kilgallen and Barry McGee

Margaret is best known for her murals and paintings which typified a range of influences. These influences consisted of mural painting, dying art of hand-painted signs, formal painting policy and American folk art elements. Since childhood, she admired the work of Mexican and Southwest artists and this drove her to apply their employment of warm colors in her individual paintings.

Most of her work especially in acrylic and gouache typified how much she loved symbology and typographic styles (Hodge 155). Her work exemplified how she was commitment and admired craftsmanship and day to day human live. Her work was quite interesting because she used handmade rather than mechanical materials which made it appear real. Barry McGee work is relatively iconic because essential figures overlooked vague background of drips, color and pattern (Hodge 175). His work was extremely significant on the metropolitan art field.

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His work was not as interesting as Kilgallen because there was a feeling of racism when he presented the portrait of shoes.

Mel Chin

Mel Chin works is mostly aggravated by social, cultural and political status. Most of his works concentrated on the chief art styles which included; earthworks, minimalism and conceptualism (Hodge 210). His work was very effective because he rescued deserted homes and explored maltreated cultures with the intention of bringing a bright future to neglected persons and their culture. His work is interesting because it touches people’s life in general especially the problems they face in everyday life.

James Turrell

James Turrell works mostly focus on two themes space and light. His work was quite effective in conveying these two themes especially he invented the volcanic crater.

The volcanic crater helps people to observe celestial phenomena and the observers are able to change their insight or opinion of light (Hodge 215). His work is believed to be quite unique because it revolves around very important aspects of life. Light and space are in most cases taken for granted, but by observing Turrell works; one may start to realize how important they are in everyday life.

Mark Dion

Mark Dion is popular because his installations employ scientific representations. Typically, his work analyzes the manner in which public institutions and central beliefs promote people’s perception of knowledge, history and ordinary world (Hodge 233). His main goal is to infringe a small part of central culture, to confront convention and perception. He develops works that puts doubts in people’s minds about the differences between irrational controls and objective scientific techniques. His works are also interesting because the current world is so much dependent on scientific methods and this enables people to see things as they are.

Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla

Guillermo and Jennifer work together as mutual pairs to develop their works. They collaborated in 1995 and their works usually focus of visual art. Their works comprise of performance, sculpture, sound, photography and video (Hodge 227). They employ modern and past geo-political realities, where by they undermine and rearrange them in manners that can be revelry, poetic and hilarious. They are one of the pairs that employ a unique method of visual art to develop their works and this earns them a lot of respect and admiration.

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