Revolution which they are obviously not happy

Revolution and evolution are two words which always sound similar but are different in meaning.

Evolution refers to a slow and gradual change of situation, circumstances or a society. A human being is said to have undergone evolution to become what he is today. Revolution on the other hand refers a change that is fundamental which occurs in both the structures of an organization as well as the power aspect. Reform is another aspect that has constantly been spoken about and refers to improving or making better by bringing about some needed changes which have the effect of removing any faults or loopholes that may have been in existence. Simply put therefore, reforms seek to improve the existing systems while revolution seeks to totally do away with existing systems and introduce new ones. There are those who support revolution while others are in support of reforms. It has been argued that a revolution is better than reforms as a revolution is more effective.

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This discussion looks why revolutions are better than reforms with keen focus being paid on the most recent revolutions in Egypt and the Arab world. Looking at the current turn of events in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria and other Arab countries, it has become apparent that revolution is the way to go. Revolution simply means that the old systems of governance that have caused the people so much misery must be done away with and in their place new structures of governance and power be introduced and this is the main concern of revolution. Looking at the case study of Egypt, Hosni Mubarrak had remained in power for many decades and was very oppressive to the ordinary citizens. It would have been highly illogical to argue that the systems that Mubarak had introduced most of which had grounded to a halt be reformed. It is quite obvious that you cannot raise the dead back to life which is what reformists try to achieve (Salzman 91).

By advocating for reforms, you are simply acknowledging that the institutions in place have failed and that something needs to be done to them so that the may function. Such an argument is not only a waste of resources but also a method of fooling the public. Since reforms are about putting patches to those areas that do not seem to be functioning while retaining the same systems, the people are continually made tolerant of the situation which they are obviously not happy with. The French Revolution is a perfect example.

During this time, the efforts of reformers if there were any at all were not recognized because they did not have any effect at all. What happened therefore was that the leadership continued to ensure oppression up to a point where the people could take it no more and this saw a revolution which was supported by close to 97 % of the population in France (Simpson 24). Reformers have a tendency of creating assumptions that everything is alright and that just a few things here and there which need to be fixed and everything will be good to go. There is an element of pretence among reformers and this means that whenever people complain of bad governance, they are silenced through the patching up trick. If this continued for a long time, there will be a build up of emotions among the masses and this is what leads to revolutionaries when people cannot hold it up no more. Another reason why revolutions are preferred over reforms is the fact that reforms limit opportunities, be it in terms of leadership, job opportunities as well as economic prosperity (Pei 198).

This is because reforms tend to retain that which in existence and only improves it a little and therefore recycles the same people, same institutions, same organizational structure, same old thing but dressed differently. They say that a zebra with or without stripes is still a zebra. The meaning of this phrase is that if there was a way one could get rid of the stripes that zebras normally have, this will not make a zebra cease from being the animal that it is just because it is without the stripes. The same application to our institutions that if an institution or the organizational structures that have been out in place have failed to work (Luxemberg 73). Revolutions are also the best way to remove from power dictatorial regimes like those of Hosni Mubarak formerly of Egypt and Colonel Muamar Gaddafi of Libya.

Usually, such leaders have exceeded their terms of power and they are still not willing to leave power the constitutional way. Furthermore, they have destroyed or institutions through abuse of power and the people feeling the greater impact of this abuse are the common citizens (Jones 195). What better way of dealing with such leaders other than to cause revolt and have the leave power by force. The case study of Zimbabwe is a perfect example. Robert Mugabe has been in power since Zimbabwe attained independence and has done nothing continually destroy the economy of this once prosperous country until the currency of this country has totally value.

He will not agree to leave power even when they go to the polls and he is defeated. Such a president can only be ousted from power through revolution and not through reforms. Revolution is therefore the best way to bring about the much-needed reforms in a society.

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Revolution another, and for America, that time was

RevolutionDestruction of statues, screaming in the streets, rash actions, hasty decisions, and adrenaline-influenced outbursts. Prim and proper, fancy meetings, organized schedules, time for tea, and the thought of perfection. Total opposites are bound to clash at sometime or another, and for America, that time was now. The movie Revolution shows us movingly and realistically how the Revolutionary War was led up to, how the years of battles continued, and how finally victory was attained.Poor King George III had no idea what hit him.

All of the colonies now had their own governments to lean on, their own Declaration of Independence already being passed out among the people, and their own volunteer army. The famous Liberty or Death was their cry. No more repression for the people of America, they believed that God was on their side, and it was time for freedom. When the battles began, first they were tiny squabbles that were simple and not messy. But as time passed, so did being civilized, anything and everything that would hurt the enemy in any way that could be done, was done. For that reason, on top of others, hospitals were needed. They were lacking in every department except for amputation.

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But since sanitary conditions were impossible, almost all had their wounds infected, and would die from the aftermath of that. During battles there was always a flag present. No matter what happened, there was always someone carrying the flag.

As soon as someone would get taken out, another would run and pick it up to show that you just cant keep a good man down. Also, when people traveled in and out of battle areas, they would need flags to show their business and whom they supported. For example, if a wagon came in that brought rations for the colonists, they would first need to pay a toll, have an American flag, and a white flag to show they werent in battle. But usually, and unfortunately, in the heat of madness and testosterone, those battle codes were not heeded. The fighting tactics were primitive.

It usually was to make the other army move back a smidgen, take a break, then try again to kill, kill, kill. For the British, when a battle was won over a colony, they would parade through the streets with the remaining soldiers, the wounded and captured American soldiers. Any person who didnt support the British was taken prisoner and was used as examples for the others. They would have no privileges, no rights, so the British would use them for anything, to kill as entertainment, become a servant of some kind, or even be the fox in a jolly-good time of hound hunting. While speaking of hunting, Native Americans also played a great part in the Revolutionary War. Either the British or the Americans hired them. They were asked to help track and kill enemies or escaped prisoners and also were excellent scouts.

It may have taken a while, but another ally of the Americans was the French. With both helping, the optimum outcome was achieved.In the end of our war, America celebrated her victories with packed streets and happy returns. The dreams of the colonists, a place to be, no one to bow down to, you can say what you feel, you can make a home for your family, they had come true.

A fitting and appropriate quote that the movie embodied, Thats the idea of America… a revolution.


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