Role they help Mo Farah with energy. The

Role of energy

In this booklet I will be talking about Mo Farah who is one
of Britain’s greatest distance runners and the role of energy in his body.
Everyone needs energy to survive but athletes like Mo Farah will need more
energy than a regular person as energy equals fuel for excise. You get energy
from foods and getting rest but if Mo Farah wasn’t getting the two critical
sources of energy he would have no fuel to support his exercise sessions and
workouts and he wouldn’t be where he is today due to that. Energy is when
strength is realised through the body to get physical tasks done. Every single
activity we do requires energy weather that is running, sleeping, shivering
when we’re cold and so on and it’s needed for another of different things which

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Pumping blood through the body Breathing and inhaling oxygen Making new cells so that the body can perform
growth and repairSend nerve impulses so that people can adjust
themselves to be suited for the environment they are in

Energy comes from ATP; ATP is a chemical compound that works
to provide the source of energy straight away when it’s needed. Energy can
always be transformed from one to another but it can never be destroyed. Energy
comes in different forms but the most common type of energy is chemical energy,
the energy is found in the chemical bond that pulls together atoms or
molecules. When two atoms come together and create a new bond it’s called Catabolism
and energy is formed. However when a bond is broken it’s called Anabolism, the
bond breaks when the atoms are released which means that the energy that was in
the bond has escaped.

There are 3 main body systems in the body which is the
cardiovascular system, respiratory system and the digestive system. I will go
onto to talk about the cardiovascular and respiratory system and how they help
Mo Farah with energy.

The cardiovascular system is the heart which is an organ in
the body that helps blood to flow through it so it can get the right amount of
nutrients, oxygen and hormones. The system is important for energy as it
provides the body with everything it needs for it to produce energy because the
blood works its way through the whole body giving all the organs what is
needed. For Mo Farah the cardiovascular system is very important as an athlete
is always using their hearts because of the fast pace they work out on. If his
cardiovascular system wasn’t to work very well he would be in very big trouble
and fall ill as the body’s most important organ is failing. The things he was
able to do he wouldn’t be able to do them again like running as the
cardiovascular system wouldn’t be pumping the blood at the pace he would need
it to so that would result into him not getting enough energy when its required
so ATP would not be happening affectively.

The respiratory system consists of the lungs, mouth, nose
and the wind pipe. Its job is to get oxygen into our bodies as it supports the
cells in the body to function properly and not die. The other function of the respiratory
system is to get rid of carbon dioxide which helps the tresses and plants. This
system is important or energy and Mo Farah as it supports to keep the cells
alive and energy is stored in cells so the respiratory system acts as a
protection shield.


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